Yahoo chess Applet not loading in Firefox

When I am at Yahoo Games, the pop up window for Chess opens, but never loads. I tried it in IE and it works fine - so the problem comes down to Firefox.
When I click on a games room - and window pops up and asks to punch in a code (to avoid spam). This pop up works fine, I then proceed to punch in the code and then I go to another pop up window where the Chess Game normally loads. Only now it doesn't load at all.
it says to... Wait 3 minutes for applet to load... Click '''here''' if applet fails to load. Normally I've never had to wait 3 minutes before (ever) - now, even if I wait, it still doesn't load.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Still not working in Firefox! I can play fine in IE. I have tried everything from uninstalling java and reinstalling, clearing cache, etc... nothing works! Is there not anyone at Firefox that knows of a solution?