Yahoo chess Applet not loading in Firefox

When I am at Yahoo Games, the pop up window for Chess opens, but never loads. I tried it in IE and it works fine - so the problem comes down to Firefox.
When I click on a games room - and window pops up and asks to punch in a code (to avoid spam). This pop up works fine, I then proceed to punch in the code and then I go to another pop up window where the Chess Game normally loads. Only now it doesn't load at all.
it says to... Wait 3 minutes for applet to load... Click '''here''' if applet fails to load. Normally I've never had to wait 3 minutes before (ever) - now, even if I wait, it still doesn't load.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Still not working in Firefox! I can play fine in IE. I have tried everything from uninstalling java and reinstalling, clearing cache, etc... nothing works! Is there not anyone at Firefox that knows of a solution?

Java Applet not loading in Firefox preview

I am playing around with the classic Java applet "intel rotating 3d photo cube" and for some reason the applet won't load when I preview with Firefox. It works fine previewing in Safari and Opera and even works fine when I open the html file dir

Yahoo mail is not loading on iPhone 5 this morning

My other mail accounts such as various gmails seem to load just fine but yahoo inbox is not loading on iPhone 5. I have tried to delete and add the account, reboot the phone but it hasn't resolved the issue. Thanks!I have tried these "fixes" num

TOC, Index, Search content not loading in FireFox 3.0 +

Hi, I have created from RH 8 a merged Webhelp system (1 master, 2 children - based on Peter Grainge's posted procedure). It works fine from IE, and on my system, from FireFox 3.0 and up. The problem is, that when deployed at the customer's site, the

Background CSS images not loading in firefox when using a CDN

Hello, I am having trouble getting CSS background images to load in Fire fox when using a CDN. Here is a description of the problem: - Everything works fine in Chrome - Any images loaded through CSS do not load in Firefox (they load in chrome) when i

My Yahoo Calendar is not working on Firefox. Everytime I click on the calendar link I am redirected back to the sign in page.

My Yahoo Calendar is not working on Firefox. Every time I click on the calendar link I am redirected back to the sign in page. It does work on other browsers though. this problem started in the past week. Initially the problem was with all browsers,

Helpdesk Agent Needs help with JAVA applet not loading for HTTPS site

Sorry....I am posting here as I do not know where to start. JAVA Console Message. The applet runs via HTTP URL but will not load via HTTPS. Any idea would be much appreciated. load: class not found. java.

Java plugin not loading in Firefox 4.0b11, works fine in 3.6.13

Java plugin isn't loading in Firefox 4.0b11, but it works fine in 3.6.13 (and in Google Chrome too). It worked in Firefox 4 before, but broke somewhere around beta 5. is not really in the plugins folder, but is a symlink: /usr/lib/mozilla

Components and applet not loading when running the application using JVM1.3

I have my UI written in JavaScript.When I click a button,it opens a window showing the different components(images) and an applet containing a tree structure.The applet code is written in java This is working fine and the applet is loading properly w

How do I fix the problem of Yahoo Instant Messenger not loading at all on Firefox

Using Firefox I am able to access Yahoo Mail for my email but when I try to access instant messenger absolutely nothing happens. also when I tried to go to Yahoo options and click messenger options that was also blocked. Please help me! LoisKnown iss

Applet is not loading in firefox for java

every time i am facing the problem in java, if i install also it says Java is not installed for your browser. Kindly help me out .You might as well keep waiting - I tried to read your brainwaves but I couldn't detect any. So you need to actually post

Java Applet not loading

I am running an FTP server "Rumpus" and generally it works very well. It does FTP and FTP via HTTP. We use it as an internal FTP server within our company. However, there is a drag and drop feature that has stopped working on most clients that a

Java Applet not loading in Safari

Hi folks. I just noticed a problem with Safari on my Macbook Pro. I'm trying to use Keepvid to download videos from Youtube but it no longer works. I load then link into Keepvid and then get the message "Java Applet Loading..". Except that it re

Msn not loading in firefox after latest update

since the latest firefox update i have not been able to view msn (my homepage)Hi penfold, Have you looked at our [ Page Load Troubleshooting guide]? There is a lot of good information in there.

Why will Kerberos enabled SSRS instances will not load in Firefox

We have 10 SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 SP1) instances. 6 are using Kerberos while the others are using NTLM. Firefox will load Report Manager under NTLM, but not with Kerberos. Until last week Firefox would load both, but a recent sec

Signed Applet not loading.

Hi all, Im currently using an applet that is signed. It works on java 1.4 but not on 1.6. Im not sure on hwo to make it work with 1.6 i tried the java control panel stuffs and the clearing my browser history stuffs too. I get this error from the cons

Applet not loading in different os

hi all, i have created an tree structure using applet for my website. the appplet is loading in all os except windows 2000professional and 2003 64 bit os.hi , thanks for ur question. i want to know the solution how to get my applet in windows 2000 pr

Certain website items are not loading in firefox. could be a javascript issue?

i am not able to click on certain links on websites. is one of them. if i search for a flight it comes up with a few flights but when i click on one to see more information it doesnt go anywhere. also if i try to change the date via the c

Flash not loading in firefox 3.6.8

hello i'm on a mac os 10.6.4 and recently installed flash it's loading content fine in safari and chrome. in FF 3.6.8 it doesn't load flash content. i can read that i have the right version, but loading any flash i get a blank div. no "no

Applet Not Loading

Hey guys im pretty new to the Java forums and Oracle so im sorry if this is in the wrong board but i wondered if you could help. I have an error when trying to load my SSH terminal on my web server (HyperVM). I get the error Found unsigned entry in r