XP to Windows 7 Migration without removing CM07 Agents?

There are no plans to migrate our old CM07 environment to CM12 so we need to support our existing CM07 clients during the migration to CM12. We need to use a State Migration Point to migrate all XP machines to Windows 7 (replace method). The majority of the
XP machines do not have a CM Agent installed so we need to deploy CM12 to these machines. However, there are a large number of XP machines that
do have a CM07 Agent and are still required to communicate with the legacy CM07 SCCM environment for inventory and software distribution purposes.
We understand that we cannot deploy the CM12 Agent to these machines because a machine cannot have 2 different versions of the CM Agent installed at the same time.  If so, how can we migrate these machines without removing the old CM07 Agent?


If it has an 07 agent, it can only be managed by the 07 environment and therefore must be migrated to Win 7 from XP using the 07 site. There's no way around this.
Trying to do two major moves like this at the same time is a recipe for disaster.
You should finish one, then take on the other.
Jason | http://blog.configmgrftw.com