WRT610N Remote Management Access disabled and yet I could access??!

 I have the WRT610N, latest firmware (.10, early 2009). I noticed something when I accessed my FTP from work.
I used the IP address and the "folder" to see my files in a web browser (like
But when I typed the IP only, I could see the router config page, despite the fact that I disabled it in "remote managment access"...
Anyone else have seen the same problem?
My ftp user is "admin" or I gave it all rights and access, by the way!


I just had the same happen to me.
I have a WRT54GL and I connect to my Exchange server daily through Outlook Web Access. Today when I came to work I could'nt connect. I tried my domain to see if the default website was down also and to my horror ended up in the router management gui. This have never happened before, I have the router redirecting all port 80 traffic to my web server. And since I had disabled the remote access to the router I never changed the password so the door was wide open. I will contact Linksys about this because as far as I understand it's either a serious bug or I've been hacked.
wrt610nOWNER wrote:
Hm Thanks!
The "problem" was that I was at work when I noticed that and my router is at home...so when I typed my wan ip ( I saw the GUI.
Nope I did not try to another computer either inside my LAN at home or from a WAN IP, as I have no more job, and no access elsewhere...
So I can not reproduce what I saw until I get an outside connection! I was just wondering if anyone else encountered the same.