WRT1900 AC V1 - Linksys is aware that the router is not working properly. Help spread the word.

I just had a conversation with Linksys' Customer Service via chat: Daphne L. J: Hello Fernando Paramo. My name is Daphne L..
Daphne L. J: Welcome to Linksys Global Chat. Is this your initial contact or do you have a case number?
You: Case number is 04971062
Daphne L. J: Please give me 3-5 minutes to pull up and review your case.
You: OK
Daphne L. J: Thank you.
You: I have a WRT1900 AC, V1. The router is not working properly. I have disconnections every few minutes.I already installed the new firmware version and I still have the same issues. I already reset the router to factory defaults and same issues. I have changed the settings back to my personal preferences: Changed the SSID, changed the wireless security settings, changed the DNS and deactivate WPS. That's it.I'm using 5 Ghz mode with my laptops (5 Ghz adapters) and 2-4 Ghz with a few devices (Chromecast, Nintendo 3DS).
Daphne L. J: Thank you for waiting.
Daphne L. J: Please confirm if the following information is correct:
Name : Fernando Paramo
Phone Number :
E-Mail Address : 
Model Number : WRT1900AC
Serial Number : 13J10609406280
Country : United States
You: That's correct.
Daphne L. J: Okay. Were you able to check if the devices have stable connection wired to the router?
You: No. I do not have devices with Ethernet ports. Well, only the cable modem.
You: But the modem is fine. No disconnections from my ISP.
You: It is the router.
Daphne L. J: Alright. What is the current firmware version of your router?
You: I tried to return the router to Wal-Mart yesterday with no luck. This is a useless device. And I have been reading comments on the community forums and a lot of people are having problems.
Daphne L. J: We are actually aware of the issue and are working on a resolution. What is the current firmware version of your router?
You: Ver.
You: Latest one.
Daphne L. J: Yes, so you reflashed the firmware, reset and then manually reconfigure it after, not using backup configuration, is that right?
You: That's correct.
Daphne L. J: And it is intermittent on all devices connected to both 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks, is that right?
You: That's correct.
Daphne L. J: Thank you for the information. Please give ,e 3-5 minutes to verify this with my superior.
Daphne L. J: Thank you for waiting.
You: I want to send you my WRT1900 AC and get a V2 or I want a EA8500 and pay the difference myseld.
You: I do not want my current hardware.
You: It is useless for my needs.
You: I can't believe I had an older E3000 that didn't give me any problems.
Daphne L. J: We have already exhausted all possible troubleshooting steps for your concern. As verified with my Supervisor, we will forward your case to our Customer Assurance Team. They are highly technical and knowledgeable when it comes to advanced troubleshooting. They will contact you in the next 24 to 48 hours. By the way, who is your Internet Service Provider? And do you Cable or DSL connection?
You: Cable connection.
Daphne L. J: Who is your Internet Service Provider?
You: A company called .
You: How are they going to contact me?
Daphne L. J: Alright. By the way, on the device itself, on its FCC ID, please check if you have WRT1900AC or WRT1900AC v2.
You: Are you paying attention to me?
You: I already told you it's V1.
Daphne L. J: They will call or email you. Please double check if these informations are correct:
Name :
Phone Number :
E-Mail Address :
You: I told you I want to send you my WRT1900 AC and get a V2 or I want a EA8500 and pay the difference myself.
You: I want them to contact me to my email. I can't answer the phone during work hours.
Daphne L. J: We can't assure you if we will be able to replace it with Version 2 or if you are allowed to have the EA8500 instead.
Daphne L. J: Just in case, do you also have an alternate number?
Daphne L. J: Also, what time zone are you in? And what is your preferred time and day for them to contact you?
You: I have the one from my office in Mexico. Central Time. Any time is good.
Daphne L. J: So, you are currently in Mexico?
You: I work in Mexico but I have the house in USA. I live in the border.
Daphne L. J: I see. Do you have any other questions or clarifications?
You: I live 10 minutes away from the International Bridge. But that's not an issue. I bought the router at Walmart in Laredo, TX.
Daphne L. J: Thank you for the information. Would that be all for now?
You: I want a clarification: Do you realize that there is an issue with the current WRT1900 AC? Are you aware of that?
You: Because this is a very expensive router that is not working as it should be.
Daphne L. J: Yes, we are aware of the issue and are working on a resolution.
Daphne L. J: Would there be anything else you need?
You: That would be it. I will wait for you to contact me.
You: Thanks.
Daphne L. J: Alright. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you through Linksys Live Chat. You may also visit our support site at www.linksys.com. For your reference, your case number is 04980394. Thank you for choosing Linksys and have a great day! We paid $250 for this piece of equipment. That's a lot of money for a device that doesn't work. I just want to get a V2 replacement, or better yet, an exchange for a EA8500. We should all demand this. It is not fair for us. The current WRT1900 AC is a useless device. They even should do a recall of the product. I will wait for them to contact me, but I'm thinking if I should send the information to The Consumerist or someone else. What to do?


FernandoRocker wrote:
Well... instead of looking into this with Engineering, I would prefer you to talk about this with the Sales department and exchange my WRT1900AC for an EA8500 (I will pay the difference if needed).  Seriously. The device is useless. Not just a paperweigt... an expensive paperweight.Actually I looking into the swap for you because I think that would be best in your case. Keep this in perspective. There is laterally millions of WRT1900AC V1 out there with very few issues with latest firmwares and of course the odd exception. In your case it could be a defective WRT1900AC.