Wrong name error if I mess up url string case

          I have a url as the following: http://localhost:7001/APP/a.jsp. If I
          close browser and type it as lower case url
          http://localhost:7001/app/a.jsp later time, it will cause a null pointer
          exception(wrong name error). Is the url case sensitivity problem been
          fixed by any service pack.


Okay, I made a simpler web application. I have:
my WEF-INF directory looks like:
my only servlet is WEB-INF/classes/com/servTest.class
I defined the servlet in my web.xml like this:
<!-- Name to Java class mapping -->
<!-- Name to URL mapping -->
However, I still get the same error (NoClassDefFoundError .... wrong name: servTest blah blah)
I am trying to access the servlet by the url http://localhost:8080/servTest/servTest and I've also tried http://localhost:8080/servTest/com.servTest. I also tried linking to it in my index via a form with action="servTest". I've also tried action="com.servTest" however I still can't seem to get past this wrong name error. However, I can create servlets fine without trying to use packages (i.e. if i place .class files directly in WEB-INF/classes), but I would really like to have packages working. Can anyone see any potential errors? thanks!