Write table to SAP (BAPI, ActiveX...)

Hello everybody,
I have to do a SW that interfaces with SAP. I already have functions to login/out, read/write a single parameter, and read a table (all this trough BAPI ActiveX), but I’m not able to write in a SAP table.
Does somebody already have done this job?
Many thanks for any advice!
(LV2010SP1 or 2014SP1, W7, SAP Business Client 3.5)


Many thanks, nyc, mike, for your responses and interest!
I find SAP doc not so easy to transpose into LabVIEW code...
Error happends like this:
Login SAP: OK (work also in other programs)
Add name of the specific BAPI function to be used: OK (work also in other programs)
Input of several single parameters (strings): OK (work also in other programs)
Input of 2 Tables (2x same VI): see code here enclosed. No error at this point. (never tested in other programs)
Call of BAPI function (code tested OK in other programs) but returns an error "SYSTEM_FAILURE"
Reading some return parameters (code tested OK in other programs, but do not works here because of System_Failure)
Close ref and Logoff  (code tested OK in other programs)
I enclose also in this mail an image showing the main VI (named "Créer contenu HU.vi") making all this procedure. You will see that the error comes after the function call.
I'm not a SAP pro (and far away!), but the SAP specialist has tested the BAPI function (with php?) and the function works. So the first suspect code is the one attached here.
Please ask me if you need more details.
Many thanks in advance, best regards,
SAP Write Table.png ‏52 KB
Créer contenu HU.vi.png ‏170 KB

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