Won't sync episode 32

I know it sounds crazy but it's happened twice now.
First, my JaKattack episode 32 wouldn't sync no matter what I did. I even tried resubscribing.
Now, my Cranky Geeks episode 32 won't sync.
Both file names contain '032' in the title and file name. Could this be an ASCII issue with the sync process?
Anyone else having this issue?
Windows XP Pro
3G iPod v2.3


Hey TouchMyPod86,
If you have other iPods that are recognized, your computers issue may be related to the Apple Mobile Device service also. The iPod's use the iPod service while the iPhone and the iPod touch use the Apple Mobile Device service to become recognized by the computer and iTunes.
A couple things that can stop Apple Mobile Device from installing correctly are security software and User Access Control.
Is the Apple Mobile Device service started on your computer?
Do you see Apple Mobile Device when you goto Control panel> Programs and Features?
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