Wireless Backup with Time Machine using Fritzbox

I have
Modem: Fritzbox 7170
Macbook white
Lacie External HD 500GB
On the back of the Fritzbox is an USB access..I would like to connect my Lacie External HD to the Fritzbox and want to split the HD into
1 part to store my music/photo's on
2nd part to use for Time Machine backups
Currently I have connected the Lacie to my Macbook using the USB cable, but I wonder if I can do it wireless by using the Fritzbox.
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Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure if I understand what a NAS is….My Modem is a Fritzbox 7170 Fon WLAN. It has a USB host for USB printers or USB mass storage media in the network. The manual says it supports FAT and GAT32. So I think I can use it for storage….but not for backups with Time Machine. That would be so convenient…not having to plug in my external HD every time I want to make a backup.