Windows 7 x64 only installs the drivers for USB devices that are plugged in upon system startup

Hi all,
I have a most unusual problem. On my personal desktop, I can only use USB devices that are plugged in upon system startup. If I unplug a USB device and then plug it in again, the driver will not install correctly. I cannot force the device to start and I
can't pick a driver manually. All I get is this. If I plug in a USB device and then reboot, the driver gets installed correctly and I can use it until I unplug it again. I'm pretty sure it's a Windows issue
but I can list the hardware I have if it is needed.
I have tried:
Running an SFC /SCANNOW as administrator
Uninstalling all USB controllers via device manager and letting them reinstall
Neither worked to resolve the issue. If this was a client's computer I would probably just reinstall Windows but because this is my main work PC it'd be a huge hassle to do it, so I'd really appreciate any other ideas anyone has. If I have to reinstall I
will. Thanks!


Since the issue just happened for 4 monthes, I consider that some changes or updates may cause the issue.
Please also try to restore the system back to the point before this issue.
You can also try these steps:
1.Power down your laptop or desktop
2.Physically unplug the computer.  If it’s a laptop, remove the battery too.
3.Leave it disconnected for three minutes
4.Replug the desktop or reinsert the battery
5.Power on the system
For the reasons, you can refer to this article:
How to fix “USB device not recognized”
Kate Li
TechNet Community Support