WiFi network security: How do I create a hidden SSID using Time Capsule?

Hello. I'm having a security issue on my wireless network. I recently noticed (via a Finder window under "Shared" on the left side of the window) someone squatting on our wifi network which is WPA encrypted and is based on a Time Capsule plus 2 Airport Express boxes for streaming music. I have an external network drive connected to the Time Capsule which houses all my iTunes music and movies. I have a feeling they are breaking in to steal from that rather than merely using our internet connection. I immediately changed the password. The next day I found them on our network again. I changed the password again. Immediately after changing the password and refreshing the Finder window, they showed up on our network yet again. I then changed the name of our SSID/wifi network and the password for a 3rd time. So far they haven't showed up and I'd like to keep it that way. We live in an apartment building and I fear that they won't see our old network name in the lists of networks and will realize that the new network name is us and then they will break in yet again.
1. is there anything else I can do to stop them?
2. is it a good idea/solution to hide our SSID and if so, how do I do that on the Time Capsule?
I can't seem to find any info on creating a hidden SSID on the discussion boards so any help is appreciated. Thank you!


If you have other devices on your network and have enabled file sharing on them, you will see an occasional device or two come and go. That is normal. Usually, you'll see something with some numbers. That's usually the last 6 digits of the MAC address of a device.
Any hacker who is smart enough to crack your network is not going to allow his identity or any trace of his computer to be displayed on your network.
If you are still convinced that someone is cracking your network, you can enable the "closed" network option, but there are plenty of free utilities on the Internet available that will reveal a "closed" network in seconds. Most 12 year old kids looking for free wireless know how to do this.
If you want to do this anyway, here is how:
Open AirPort Utility - click Manual Setup
Click the Wireless tab below the icons
Click the Wireless Options button
Enter a check mark next to "Create a closed network"
Click Done, then click Update and wait for the Time Capsule to restart
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