Why  SAP script is client dependent ?

why  SAP script is client dependent ?


By design, SAP script is a word processing tool which displays data on the form with the help of text elements where the logic of those is written in the print program and Forms were designed to be driven from print program, hence are often termed as client dependent. Smart forms are client independent. Bcoz it doesnu2019t use any text elements. It will be executed through a function module. When a print program calls a Smart Form, the form itself takes over to produce output, without any further direction from print program.
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Why SAP Script are Client Dependent, Smartforms are client-independent.

why  SAP Script are Client Dependent,Smartforms are client-independent. Edited by: Srinivasa Reddy Ariga on Oct 27, 2008 12:28 PM Edited by: Srinivasa Reddy Ariga on Oct 27, 2008 12:49 PMBefore you do anything else, read this: Welcome and Rules of En

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Hi all ,   I need some help. 1)How to transport sap-script. 2) print program of sap script are client-dependent or client-independent. 3)Database tables ( on se11)  are client-dependent or client-independent. ( is sy-mandt will make dependent or inde

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How to transfer a SAP script created in a clinet to a different client. Thank you, -Naveen.How to change development class of a SAPscript ? Use program RSWBO052 R3TR DTEL Data Element Next balnk line Click FORM = Z_script_name f8 9 Execute -> double

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