While doing RMA, Reference field shows Return Orders as well....

While testing RMA Functionality, I came across few issues (questions). I need help from all OM Gurus.
1) When entering RMA Order, once enter the order and go to line, on the reference field, I am trying to link it to Original sales order. Once I select the Sales Order as Reference, I am able to see all the orders placed by that customer. SURPRISINGLY, it also shows the RMA Type of orders as well. Does it an intended functionality?
2) If the Original sales order line is having 10 qty, when I enter First RMA by giving reference to the original one, it by default populates item number and qty. Now, I override the qty column with lesser qty lets say 5 and process the line. Now when I create another RMA by referencing the RMA order to the same line, it again populates the qty field to 10 only. Ideally, it should populate 5 only as 5 we have already received. Though, we are getting an error saying that it should not be greater than original sales order. But how associate will come to know how many qtys are pending to return?
3) While entering an original sales order, I have overridden the price from 100 to 80. Now, when I am creating an RMA, it is showing the price as 100 only. I guess there is some functionality called Calculate Price Flag with three options but I am not able to understand what it is actually doing.
Any help will be highly appreciated.


1) The Intended Functionality is when you select "Reference Column" for any RMA Line, it will ask you for Reference Type (Lets say you are selecting Sales Order) then it will ask you for Order Number and Line Number. So, this is how Linking the RMA Line with any Sales Order goes.
2) You have to goto the Original Sales Order -> Select Line -> From Actions Button, select Additional Line Information -> Return Tab. Here, you will get all the RMA or Returns information which are link to this Sales Order Line.
3) Regarding Calculate Price Flag, the Pricing tab enables you to specify whether the new order or order line is copied at the original pricing or is repriced. To reprice, you can specify the pricing date. If you choose to reprice the order or order line, manual discounts and charges are removed and automatic discounts and charges are recalculated. If you choose to retain original pricing, all discounts and charges are retained and the Calculate Price Flag is set to Freeze Price for order lines and Partial Price for return lines. Additionally, you can choose to set the Calculate Price Flag to Partial Price by selecting the corresponding radial button on the Pricing Options Tab.
When the destination order type while copying an order is RMA, Order Management will set the Calculate Price Flag to P for the copied
order lines even if you specify At Original Price within the Pricing Options tab copy window.
Hope it may help you.