Where is 'collate' option in CS5?

I cannot locate the collate option in the CS5 Photoshop print dialog window. It exists in all previous versions of Photoshop and even refers to it in the help section.
The reason it is important is that when printing any quantity of large files, if it is checked, it will send the job X number of times to the printer. Instead of just sending it once with instructions to pint it X number of times. When dealing with large image files, the amount memory required to print even a small quantity can become very large quickly and overwhelm the printer's capacity, thus causing issues or not printing at all.
I've been in the print industry for 15 years and as most of us know, it is important to disable 'collate' in the print dialog window or it sends whatever quantity you requested each time, causing very slow or issue laden printing.
Thanks in advance!


Yes, that is technically true. However, almost every application has it's own print settings as well, including a collate option (all previous versions of PS had a collate option.
That is the reason for the conflict. There are two different drivers telling the printer to do the same thing, the application's driver and the printer's driver. This is a very common issue in the print industry, making printing very slow or issue laden. The solution is simple, uncheck the collate option in the application driver and leave the collate option checked in the print driver = no conflict.
This issue has been tested w/CS4 PS (Mac OSX 10.6); with the collate option checked, slow printing or not enough memory and with the collate option unchecked, prints fast with no memory issues.