Where are those MIBs?

In various documentation Apple mentions about SNMP:
SNMP: Implemented in Mac OS X Server, SNMP stack allows Xserve G5 monitoring by standard SNMP management consoles. In addition to the standard SNMP MIBs, Mac OS X Server provides MIBs for its core services. Xserve G5 also provides hardware MIBs for key values. SNMP support is currently read-only.
But where to find those MIBs?
I've looked on XServe G4 and G5 disks for the said hardware MIBs. Does anyone know?
By the way: Servermonitor doesn't speak snmp.
Ralf K.


That info is wrong. Apple doesn't have any robust MIBs for OS X or the Xserve, other than some generic stuff from the net-snmp project. Yes, the Apple Developer site talks about the MIBS, but they do NOT exist.
How do I know? I called and opened a support tickeet on this topic, and after weeks of confused responses from Apple's support and engineering staff I gave up and closed the ticket and demanded my money back. They basically concluded that there aren't any custom MIBs available (and tried to charge me $500 for the support call!). I complained about the misinformation posted on their Dev site and I was totally ignored (or nobody cared-big surprise). The snmp (mis)information is STILL on the Apple Dev site to this day. Makes we shake my head in disbelief.
They offered to put in a "feature request" for me to add full-featured snmp support in the future(!). Thanks, Apple. Yes, snmp support would be a good thing if you ever want to to take the Enterprise market serious. Can you beleive they brag about the Xserve's power, price and features, but never bothered to build a few basic I/O MIBS for the Xserve? When I bought my first 5 Xserves, I just assumed they would have a least SOME basic Apple-designed MIBS for the Xserve. Nope.
iPod MIBS? Now thats another story...:0)