When installing Illustrator, I get an error message not listed in the FAQ's

We are currently experiencing some issues, please try again later. If the problem persists, contact customer support.
The above is the error I receive when trying to install Illustrator. Is this a known issue, or specific to my operating system?


Thank you for responding. I'm experiencing the same runaround. I don't know which Illustrator link to click, and the one I did click wound up giving me the same error message. I think the problem is I need to download it to the Cloud or to Google Drive. I don't seem to have an option for where Illustrator can be downloaded. I read on the Chromebook website that there is no hard drive on a Chromebook, that everything needs to be downloaded and retrieved to/from the Cloud. I need CS6 Illustrator and also need Adobe Photoshop for my class.
When I tried downloading I also noticed I was in an area for people who haven't paid. How do I download it as part of my subscription?
If downloading to the Cloud is possible, how do I access and retrieve programs downloaded to it?