What is a good site to be upto date on Ipad games?

Whats a good site to see the latest ipad games and any updates if there are paid games that are free now , a goood ipad gaming sites


visit on i pad:)

Good site for finding pictures

Hello everyone, One of my friends asks me to help him to find good sites for finding good pictures(he is about making a real estate website )and I found here the best place to help him so please introduce me  good site for finding good pictures if it

What's a good FTP application?

I'm moving my website from MobileMe to third-party web hosting service ahead of the move to iCloud.  I don't know much about FTP applications except that they're used in these situations.  What's a good FTP application for iWeb '08?A lot of people us

What is a good devise to add more outlets for other devises

What is a good outlet to run more devises for the macBook. What chat site is good for using the MAC?Williamsburg Gal wrote: What is a good outlet to run more devises for the macBook. What kind of devices?  I'm not sure what type of outlet you are ref

What is the best site for selling a MacBook Pro

What's the best site to sell a MacBook Pro?eden79, how would you define "best" in this context?Read other 2 answers

What's a good real estate theme?

I'm going to be looking for a new apartment this summer and want to use Keynote and iWork.com to share potential listings with my GF. What's a good theme for this? (one that ships with the program) Thanks in advance.Aw, c'mon! Of the more than 40 dif

What is a good compatible graphics card

have a compaq presario sr1303wm from 2004,2005. Running xp home with onboard 64 meg video. 2.0 processor and over 1 gig. of ram. System # is PP150AA. what is a good video or graphics card for this unit? Any AGP graphics card will work. You can find s

What's a good level to record voiceover?

Hi, I'm completely new to audio production, and need to record a voiceover. I've got my mic hooked up, and am getting a level of some sort. What I'm wondering is, what's a good level? I mean, I understand that the closer to 0 dB I can get, the better

What is a good none muffled iphone 4s bluetooth to use?

what is a good none muffled iphone 4s bluetooth to use?bluetooth headsets comes in 2 flavours the phone call only headset a somewhat plastic stick people have our of their ear this use the bluetooth profile CTP then there is a the stereo a2dp headset

What is a good anti virus for macs

what is a good virus protection for the mac miniConsidering that there are no "true" viruses for OS X, the best answer I'd offer is NONE AT ALL. Other than a test I did for McAfee in 2004, after which I immediately removed their product, I've NE

What is some good ipad2 photo editing paid apps

what is some good ipad2 photo editing paid appsZagg's Photopad is a free and nice editor. Rotating, cropping and filters to play with. Snapseed has some cool filters, although personally I'm not sure it's worth the $5 i paid for it.Read other 3 answe

What are the good ways to send a big file( 20MB-100MB) file to my friend?

what are the good ways to send a big file( 20MB-100MB) file to my friend? Thanks in advanceif this is with the internet, iChat is probly your best bet, but if you just want a transfer, plug a firewire into both of your computers, shutdown one of them

What are so good setting to make vocals sound good on garageband?

i was wondering what were some good setting on garageband to help make my vocals sound good?This is a quick-and-dirty setup for vocals. Two disclaimers: 1. Even a "perfect" mix for one context will be the wrong mix for another. This is *only* a

What is a good cd burner for fluxbox?

What is a good cd burner for fluxbox?It is really bad form to repost the same question in two different sections just because the first one (http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=41133) wasn't answered in under 30 minutes. Last edited by Allan (2

What is -Xms good for?

The java option "-Xms" specifies the initial size, in bytes, of the memory allocation pool. But what is it good for, other than the additional memory may be get a little more quickly when default size < required size < initial size set wit

What is the main purpose of ichat server what is it good for?

i've been looking at ichat server, but can't figure what advantages is has opposed to just using ichat on bonjour on my network? what is it good about it?What are your goals here for chatting-style communications? iChat server provides a way to leave

What is a good app to use iChat account on a PC

I need to setup a PC app to use my iChat account. What are some good apps that will work with your iChat info on a PC running Windows 7 ? AIM chat?Hi, The Apple Email type Names are Valid AIM names automatically. The only thing you have to remember i

What's a good external keyboard for MBP

Given that the MBP keyboard is so inadequate and Apple is seemingly too stubborn to give us a good one, an external keyboard is mandatory. However, I'm not sure what's good in the Apple world. There is, of course, the Apple keyboards and I'm going to

What is a good third party program to organize my iTunes

what is a good third party program to organize my iTunesTuneUp | Fix Mislabeled Song Info, Add Album Art & MoreRead other 3 answers

What is mean system driver is up to date?

what is mean system driver is up to date?In computing, a system driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device. Hardware manufacturers release updates that would help new softwares work on the