Webi Report : Drill Functionality not working properly

Hello Guru's,
I am working on Webintelligence Rich Client XI 3.1 FP 3.5.
I have created a hierarchy Country -> Region -> Location -> CustomerĀ  and Sales Amount in my universe. I exported it to CMC and Created a Webi Report. I selected Country and Sales Amount only into the output screen and clicked on DRILL button in Webi Report and it showed me a line below Country which represents the drilldown is ON now.
When i clicked on Country, it drills to Region and when i select any region, it drills to location and then to customer. The objects which is drilled that we can see in the Report filter (in the toolbar). Now, if i want to change Country or Region or Location directly (rather then click on Up, Up and Up). So, i clicked on the objects available in the report filter (in the toolbar), it doesn't show me the other contries or Region or Location while i see the same functionality in the standard Webi report (Formatted Report for Drill) given by SAP. If i drill any dimension then it comes in the Report Filter tool bar then i can see all the values for that dimension in the Report Filter and i can change it any time.
What is the difference in that filters ? Do i have to make any settings ?
Please do the needful and let me know.
Komik Shah


Can anyone help us on below requirement:-
We are trying to build a BW hierarchy basedĀ  webi report. Trying to use drill features on charts.
Then using this document link in our website ,which is used on Mobiles.
The problem here is - I cannot drill up on an hierarchy using on mobile without right click.Is there any way to do do this?