Web Dynpro Code Wizard doesn't have context tab

When doing web dynpro development and when clicking the Web Dynpro Code Wizard, I can't see the context tab.  It looks like this: [http://twitpic.com/z2q92].  In other SAP systems I have seen the wizard look like this, where it has two tabs one of which is the context tab: [http://twitpic.com/z2qgh].  As the context tab is very useful, I would like to know how to get it to display. 
I have searched in the SE80 settings and can't find any option related to this.  I also searched the forums here and could not find any related posts.  We're using the 700 release level 13 (as seen in this screenshot: [http://twitpic.com/z2qkf]).  Is there something I can do to make this tab appear?  If we need to implement a note or a newer support pack, which one would it be?


As you stated the system without the context tab is NetWeaver 7.0.  The context tab and the extra wizards were new features in NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1.  Your system would have to be updated to this NetWeaver Enhancement Package level in order to have this functionality.