Want to Restrict in Production Confirmation CO11N

     I got a Temporary requirement.
The Scenario
Note - I am not running MRP
Directly creating production Order using CO01.
Production Confirmation using CO11N.
I want to restrict the Production Confirmation Posting.ie suppose i am creating Production order start Date -03/09/11 and finish date 03/09/11. Then Production confirmation has to post immediately.ie I should not allow the user to enter posting after 15 or 20 days (i.e. i can allow the user to post within two or three days from the Production Order finish date).
Whether I can set the restriction in CO11N or there is any other way.


You can do this through User Exit.
CONFPP03 PP order confirmation: Customer-specific checks after operation selection
EXIT_SAPLCORF_103 Customer-specific checks after operation selection
You can use this enhancementg to carry out your own checks after an operation has been selected for confirmation. The data cannot then be changed.
The order operation (AFVGD) and the complete order header are copied to the interface.

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