ValueObjects...who uses them and what are the advantages?

I have a lot of information crammed into my application that manages a ton of things for organizations. I am recoding the application as part of a refactor/upgrade/v2 version and am interested in looking into adding VO's if they are still worth it. I use the Mate Framework for MVC and IoC and declare my bindable variables in the manager classes, then populate them as needed.
Is it better to have a collection of VO's in another folder and just use those? Other than having code hinting for the value names and data types, what are the benefits? Is having another 30 class files (VO's) in a project better or worse for performance? Thanks!


VO's will save you time when typing code, ctrl + spaceĀ  autocomplete and ensures that data is passed around correctly.
If you use object you dont have compiler checking of properties as its dynamic class.
They will help people to understand your code.
Do it!