UWL Integration

Is there anyone who write custom Web Dynpro for Java Application which integrates with UWL (Universal Work List)?
Assume a scenario that customers fills a form (dynpro application) and sends it to customer support. The submitted forms will be saved in Portal Database and and item created in customer support persons UWL. Also an email sent him to warn about new item.
When the Cus. Support person opens his UWL and clicks item, another Dynpro application opens with the submitted form and answer section.
Like ordinary Ticket Support Systems.
Is it possible to create such scenario. What other options you can offer?


   I think that the best option to do that is use Guided Procedure.
   Using this, you can define this process in very simple way. Who must participate in each instance, who can run a specific action so on. Also you can approve o reject, I mean you can define all that.
From here you can download:
Overview Guided Procedure.pdf this is a very good document.