Using the internet on my iphone 4s is sooo slow it takes ages to load, sometimes it doesnt load at all and says connection has stopped responding...confused??

Just upgraded to the new iphone 4s about a week ago, to be honest ive never had sooo many problems with a phone before.
Wen trying to use the safari browser it takes aages to load and i mean ages! sometimes it doesnt even load at all it says connection timed out? or connect has stopped responding? can anyone tell me why? all connections are on. i have reset it but still have the same problem. also my app store doesnt work and apps that i have downloaded for iphone e.g facebook and gmail they dont work either. im paying alot a month for this phone to just call and text people!! im on vodafone b ut signal is full where i live. can any one help meee please
Thank yoou
Vicky x


Check Settings > General > Cellular > Cellular Data and make sure it's "On".