Uses of BAPI

Can anyone explain about BAPI transaction? Whats the uses of BAPI?


BAPI it's SAP function module which is responsible for execution of major processes for data entry/maintenance. For example, creation of FI document, Purchase orders, etc. Additionally, one can fetch data from the tables using certain BAPIs. BAPIs could be used(called) in an ABAP program, manually (via SE37) or via LSMW process.
BAPI transaction gives summary for all active SAP BAPIs + documentation for their usage.

How to Create an FI document using a BAPI

Hi, I have a requirement as under(for a report creation): I need get all the Account numbers(from table BSIS) depending on the Posting date(BUDAT) and the Price difference accounts(HKONT) for the previous month(say 1/1 to 31/1). After I get all the d

Itu00B4s possible use a bapi inside a macro?

Hello APO experts!! We need to create a macro that will have to get the values of the independent demand of some sku´s and check the capacity of the productive resources...if the demand is less than the capacity, more demand (independent necessities)

Upload Material Master using LSMW BAPI BUS1001006-SaveData

Hi Gurus, I'm working with material master upload using the BAPI BUS1001006-SaveData. I'm wondering on how can I know what structure should I populate on step 4 of LSMW "Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules". Seen some tutorials on materi

BAPI-VB, Unable to call method GetDetail of USER Object using SAP.BAPI.1

Hi, I am trying to call SAP Methods using Excel VBA. In the below example, I am trying to get the user details. I can solve this, if I use SAP.Functions object, but not when I use SAP.BAPI.1 object. The Procedure GetUserDetails() works fine, but the

Assignment on Sales Order creation using a BAPI

hi, i m new 2 bapi,so i usually knw how 2 create BAPI 1.     Create a sales order using BAPI with the header details from selection screen and item details from the file. 2.     Have the minimum required header fields for a sales order  – Sales order

Creating GRN by the use of BAPI

Dear All, I want to create, GRN by the use of BAPI. For this i am using BAPI  BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE I have passed all the required field in this BAPI. System without any error generating GRN Number, When i am looking this GRN NUmber in MB03 Transactio

Issue with creating a G/L account using the BAPI "BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST"

Hi All, I am trying to create a G/L account (FB50) using the BAPI "BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST". Can somebody help in populating values to the following parameters : 1) OBJ_TYPE 2) OBJ_KEY 3) BUS_ACT I tried passing BKPF & BKPFF to the Object typ


Hi,      I am using the BAPI BAPI_REPMANCONF1_CREATE_MTP.Here i am unable to understand what the value need to pass for the BFLUSHDATAMTP: Parameter specifically for the production lot scenarioHello N Soumya  BFLUSHDATAMTP: Parameter specifically for

Use of BApi

Wat is the use of bapi .in sap... thx. regurds . nainesh.hi, what is BAPI? BAPI stands for Business API(Application Program Interface). A BAPI is remotely enabled function module ie it can be invoked from remote programs like standalone JAVA programs

Updating the database using z bapi without deleting existing data

hi every body, i am using a zbapi in that i am updating a table which is having 40 fields but i am modifying the only four fields but it is deleting the remaining field entries i am now attaching the code what i have used ZMPETS_SHIPHDR-SHIPDOCNO   

To update conditiontype values using change BAPI of sales order

Hi Gurus, i am using the standard bapi 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE' and i am passing the values for the conditiontypes as follows....... vbeln is my sales order number.. wa_conditions_in-itm_number = '00010'. wa_conditions_in-cond_count = '01'. wa_condit

Issue while creating Outbound Delivery using Standard BAPI

Hi all, I am trying to create an outbound delivery for a Sales order using the Standard BAPI - BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS. After giving the valid inputs for Sales order no and doc no, am getting an error as "No instance of object type OutboundDeli

How to use two BAPIs in webdynpro Applicaiton?

Hi All, I'm developing one webdynpro application which is using BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST for gettting list of flights and then using an other bapi BAPI_FLIGHT_GETDETAIL for getting details of particular flight which is selected from getlist bapi. how can

How to use a BAPI function module in programs?

Hi, I have developed a BAPI enabled Function module & object type in 4.7. I want to use it to retrieve data from table T001 in 4.7 and display the output in 5.0. I am not able to get the data into 5.0. Please suggest me how to do this. A program exam


HI experts, I am using BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN to update the Object list in ECC 6.0 for a service order txn code IE31. I dont know how to use this BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN for object list updation. It will be very helpful if anyone who worked on this

Updating bill of lading on outbound delivery using IDoc/BAPI?

Hi, We're looking to update our existing outbound deliveries with an entry in the bill of lading field. This is the only piece of data that needs changing in the delivery. It seems that using IDocs message types like SHPCON/DESADV you cannot just upd


Hi, What are the input parameters to give for the  BAPI BAPI_PAYM_ITEM_POST_CLEARING..and what it Returns ?.Can you give me small example?. Regards, Kiran. Edited by: SPY SPY on Jan 22, 2008 11:06 AMYou have to pass Header and GM code as the INput pa

Billing schedule Dates using a BAPI/FM for a sales order line

Hello, I am trying to update a sales order line with an Item category which inturn updates the Billing Plan. I am able to update the sales order with required details and the default billing plan. Now I want to change the Billing schedule i.e the Bil

Pbm in creating a personnel number using 'HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA'  Bapi

HI experts, I have a Z FM which is used to create a new employee personnel number.  Im getting the following details as input to this FM and these are passed to the 'HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA' which is called inside the Z FM. Infotype 0000 - Begda Infot