Urgent : OBIA - Handling multiple Global, Local and Document Currencies

I need input on how to configure multiple currency codes in DAC for OBIA 7.9.6.x
My client's business goes around the the world and with multiple local currencies.They also need reporting currency to be multiple like in Euro, USD etc.
I went through a couple of threads in this forum,like -
Re: Configuring Global Currencies in BI Apps 7.9.6 for EBS 11.5.10 Source
Re: How we are using Global, Local and Document CurrenciesĀ  in DAC.
But I have some confusion regarding the configuration of DAC's 3 Global currency codes.
In order to fulfill my requirement - should I add additional codes in DAC?
Basically How am I supposed to handle multiple Local,Document and Global currencies? And then possible changes in rpd/reports required also?


Currencies are discussed in the Setup and Configuration Guide here: How to Configure Global Currencies
To configure the global currencies you want to report in your warehouse:
In the DAC Client, display the Design view.
For more information about logging into the DAC, see Section A.1, "How to Log Into the DAC Client".
Select a container from the drop down list to the right of the Execute button.
Display the 'Source System Parameters' tab.
Locate the following parameters and set the currency code values for them in the 'Value' box:
$$GLOBAL1_CURR_CODE (for the document currency).
$$GLOBAL2_CURR_CODE (for the local currency).
$$GLOBAL3_CURR_CODE (for the global currency).
Make sure that you spell the currencies as they are spelled in your source OLTP system.
Save your changes.
As far as for PLP items, those are Post Load Processing elements that perform cleanup tasks after the Base Warehouse tables have been loaded. They should never be modified and frankly run without any issues provided the rest of the plan executes properly. Do you have a specific quesiton about a PLP?