Upgrading to Leopard while using mirrored monitor

I am using a TV as my monitor for my macbook since the screen is cracked. I needed to upgrade to snow leopard... and while doing so the tv was no longer mirroring my laptop but rather an additional screen. I tried command f1 and all the other functions but nothing is working. How can i get it to mirror again? cause the software is still downloading and i cant see what i have to do next.


Only upgrade if your not in the middle of a project. Sometimes things don't go as smooth as they should. Also, backup your main drive and settings to another drive before upgrading, so if you need to, you can downgrade to where you were, (just a word of caution, learned from experience.)
Personally, I have not upgraded yet, due to some third party software that doesn't play nice with Leopard yet and that I depend on daily. As far as I can see Leopard works quit well with it's own Apple software products.
You will also loose OS 9 classic mode under Leopard, it isn't supported in Leopard.
If your wondering, I did upgrade and then almost immediately downgraded after my third party software stop working.