Update SAP BAPI already imported in XI Repository

Hello all.
I'm a XI beginner.
I use a specific R3 bapi in one of my namespaces. So this RFC is already imported in XI repository and the process is today implemented in my customer's production environnement.
Following a new need, I must add an importing field to this bapi.
So I do the following :
- in R3 (Developpment environnement), I added my new param to my bapi,
In XI, I want to update the rfc structure in order to be able to do the mapping update.
Must I import again the rfc ? (because I don't manage to change the structure manually)
What are the actions I must exactly do in both Integration Repository and directory ?
Thanks very much.


hi Sylvian,
yes you must reimport the bapi again
and it will be: Updated this time
but first do: where-used on the old bapi
to see all the mapping programs etc. with which this bapi
was used - so you can update it after the BAPI structure update
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