Update Retriever - Missing Intel Management Engine Interface Driver for Lenovo Twist (334725RU)

I am left with two unknown devices in Device Manager. It appears to be the Intel Management Engine Interface Driver, which is unavailable in Update Retriever. I see it on the website as gars04ww.exe.
Please add this to the repository.
Hans Lima


The other one is the Realtec Card Reader gaxm05ww.exe
Hans Lima

Intel Management engine interface is disabled (A740)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this driver? I have used the driver page and downloaded and installed the driver, however when I check in device manager it is still saying disabled. Thanks MichaelTry the solution offered in

Which Intel Management Engine driver goes with Me Update ME8.1.50.1456 bios

I got Motherboard Z77A-G43 Which Intel® Management Engine driver software i should download that will go with Me Update ME8.1.50.1456 bios Type   AMI BIOS   Language   English Release Date   2013-11-01   Version   2.12 File Size   5.46 MB   File   Do

Z87 gd65 Intel Management Engine Driver fails to install.

The Intel Management Engine Driver from the MSI z87-gd65 website did not install correctly. I was updating some drivers here and there and noticed a newer version of the MEI had been released.  The installation procedure came back with a nasty error,

Intel(r) Management Engine Interface fails to start

HP G62 Notebook PC running 8 Gig of Memory and Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. Get message in Device Manager of this device failing to start.   with code 0000000A.  Have done Bios upgrade and checked for latest driver and the system tells me I have it

Can't update Intel Management Engine

I keep getting notices through Support Assistant that I have updates to download and install. All of them install fine with the exception of Intel Management Engine. It appears to download it, but when trying to install it, after about 5-10 minutes i

Update Retriever missing Drivers for Thinkstation S30 / 4352

Hi, Update retriever is missing Drivers for Thinks Thinkstation S30 / 4352 Theres about a couple or so missing. Specifically the (ISV Certified) Nvidia Display Driver for K2000D.Also have this same issue with the 4351 Model Type. See my post where so

W 530 Intel Management Engine Firmware

ThinkPad W530 2436CTO Core(TM) i7 3920XM running Windows 8.1(64-bit), BIOS G5ETA2WW(2.62), I have installed Intel Management Engine 10.0 Software10.038.1026 which resulted 10.030.1054, so fare so good. Tryed to install Intel Management Engine Firmwar

Pls i need help for audio driver for lenovo 3000 j series

hello, can sombody help me to find driver for lenovo 3000 j series audio driver. i did format to my computer and reinstall windows XP and now i don't have audio, i already downloaded all drivers from lenovo website and nothing is working. pls pls hel

Re: Bios Flashing & Intel Management Engine

I read quite a lot things but I'm still confused about this Intel ME 7-8. I couldn't decide myself what to do so better I ask it here. MB= MSI P67 G45 CPU= i5 2500k Current BIOS= V1.15B6 (it was beta or modded maybe? I took it from MSI support) Curre

Update Retriever - Missing Drivers W540,X240,T440

Hi Missing loads of drivers via Update Retreiver and/or Systemupdate. Is it going to be published soon? Model: 20BH (w540), 20B7 (T440), 20AM (X240) 3G WWAN card, WLAN etc etc.. Using Update Retriver 5, Build date: 2013-9-3  Systemupdate 5.03, build

MOVED: Intel Management Engine windows 8 Pro

This topic has been moved to Intel Core-iX boards. https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=165534.0After several BIOS updates, this is still a problem (Same MB as the OP and sorry for Hijacking your thread Bud ) I am on E7760IMSv1B1 and it still sho

Wrong Intel Management Engine?

Hey friendly people from the MSI Forum, Yesterday I decided to flash my bios, since all of my USB3 ports did not work (didn't really need them for the last 1,5 years). I thought all went fine, but it quickly became a disaster. My system is: Sandy Bri

Intel HD Graphics display driver for windows 8 (R) stops why?

How do I fix this problem?UPDATE: a recent Windows 10 update fixed the problem.  All display functionality has been restored.  I accepted the risk when I updated to Windows 10 on the day it was released, but was very concerned that HP et. al. had so

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Hi, I use Laptop : HP Pavilion DV 6 - 6019 TX. OS : Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit. VGA : - AMD Radeon 6770m            - Intel HD 3000 Now, the graphic was error,  each after booting, the windows logo appears then to black screen (can't get the desktop). In

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*Toshiba Satellite U840-113 - PSU4SE:* Win7-Prof-64Bit with original MS-DVD on new SSD completly new installed, RAID disabled, no RAID-Driver oder RAID-Software installed, internal SSD now as normal SSD in use, all drivers successfull installed - exc

X230 Family Type 2325 drivers In update retriever

Hey, I've been using UR for quite some time and it's working great for me with SCCM etc., the organization I work for had began purchasing X230 family laptops (Type 2325), I'm missing some drivers from Update Retriever that are available on the suppo

I need driver for Pavilion 15 n204tx win7 64bit

Hi, I need driver for HP Pavilion 15 n204tx Notebook PC with NVIDIA GEFORCE graphic card win7 64bit. 3D Video Controller PC\VEN_10DE&DEV_1292&SUBSYS_2166103C&REV_A1 PC\VEN_10DE&DEV_1292&SUBSYS_2166103C PC\VEN_10DE&DEV_1292&CC_0


Kindly let me know the XP driver for Lenovo g430 (4152 28Q). Solved! Go to Solution.You can use drivers for G530 - all internal devices are idential. //help will save the worldRead other 5 answers

L530, E31 drivers missing in Update Retriever

Hi, we use the TV update retriever in combination with ThinInstaller so do our driver installations. Unfortunately two drivers are missing/not listed in the update retriever repository: For the ThinkPad L530 (2479) the STElectronics TPM Driver (G3Z10