Unauthorized subscription purchase on non auto-rec...

I have been a happy customer up until now. Skype made an unauthorized year purchase of $30.05, days after I made a 3 month subscription purchase. I made the 3 month purchase around the 11th, Oct 2011 and on the 21st of Oct, Skype just compromised my account and stole money from me in the amount of $30.05. I would like these charges dropped immediately. I never purchased it!!! I never been on auto-recharge either! So I make the dam payments not Skype, so give me my money back. God doesn't like ugly but this is a real problem!
I know you idiots do not do refunds on subscriptions. But what if you guys stole the money in the first **bleep**ing place. Is there a nice little protocol that returns your money?  


Skype billed me for a month long subscription.
I have not authorized this transaction.
I cancelled my subscription two months ago, so there is no way this should have been billed to my account.
I am jobless and don't even have $2 in my bank account.  Going through with this transaction will surely send me into financial oblivion.
Please do what you can to reverse the charges immediately, Skype!

My computer had to be repaired and i lost some of my purchases. my purchase history does not include the ones that are missing and the ones that do appear indicate they are free purchases.  none of my purchases are free i paid so how do a recover them?

My computer had to be repaired and i lost some of my purchases. my purchase history does not include the ones that are missing and the ones that do appear indicate they are free purchases.  none of my purchases are free i paid so how do a recover the

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I was reading: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/900/cpsid_90052.html#main_About_retail_content_for_the_Amazon_App store "The Amazon Appstore includes support for in-app purchases and subscriptions. However, these options are not available to the general publ

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I have had Premiere Pro put on my computer using a friend's adobe ID, i switched it to my ID and purchased a plan for just Premiere Pro. all steps followed to the best of my knowledge but when i start the programs (i have Premiere Pro CC and Premiere

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I would like to know how to contact apple to research charges to my credit card. Thank you.You can look at  your purchase history. iTunes Store & Mac App Store: Seeing your purchase history and order numbers If you have been hacked then change your p

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Trying to back up iPhone in iTunes. "some items could not be transfered because this computer is not authorized for ______ item." the underlined represented 30 items, the first being Airport.   ios 5.1.1. iPhone 4.  Trying to get ready for my iP

HT4009 Unauthorized app purchase

Hello my daughter purchased some apps that I did not authorize how can I speak to some one so  I can try to get reimbursed ..Purchases are considered final try contacting iTunes Support and see if they will refund or credit you (these are user-to-use

HT204088 I just got unauthorized app purchases on my ipad which I have not used for some time. Prior to that I got a few requests to change my password at my email. How do I contact apple to report fraud?

I need to contact Apple for unauthorized charges on my ipad. It got hacked. Does anyone know which email I can contact apple on? The site is just endless links with no direct email help.You need to get control of your Apple ID back, change the passwo

Subscription purchased; calls not going through

Hi I am not able to call any mobiles and cell from Skype...yesterday only I subscribe for 800 min to India for 1 month Subject/title edited. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi Naveed_1! Please be aware that due to local restrictions and regulations, Skype has

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Hi there, At the moment for a BOM component, the item cannot be changed from "purchase" to "non-purchase" item. This can only be done if we remove the component from the BOM, change it to non-purchase, and then re-add it. We need to do

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How do I cancel my Pandora subscription?Hello PABBCS If you signed up within the App itself and billed through your iTunes account, the article below will assist with process of canceling. iTunes Store: Purchasing and managing auto-renewing subscript

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So hard and take  forever to cancel a subscription, but if I  order,  it take on two things to ask , the username and password.  I just want to stop or cancel a monthly subscription , that is. BRAINPOP.Try here... iTunes Store: Purchasing and managin