Unauthorized subscription purchase on non auto-rec...

I have been a happy customer up until now. Skype made an unauthorized year purchase of $30.05, days after I made a 3 month subscription purchase. I made the 3 month purchase around the 11th, Oct 2011 and on the 21st of Oct, Skype just compromised my account and stole money from me in the amount of $30.05. I would like these charges dropped immediately. I never purchased it!!! I never been on auto-recharge either! So I make the dam payments not Skype, so give me my money back. God doesn't like ugly but this is a real problem!
I know you idiots do not do refunds on subscriptions. But what if you guys stole the money in the first **bleep**ing place. Is there a nice little protocol that returns your money?  


Skype billed me for a month long subscription.
I have not authorized this transaction.
I cancelled my subscription two months ago, so there is no way this should have been billed to my account.
I am jobless and don't even have $2 in my bank account.  Going through with this transaction will surely send me into financial oblivion.
Please do what you can to reverse the charges immediately, Skype!