Unable to generate report for size of KM folder

hi all,
i want to generate report for size of folder in KM.I am havingthe following roles content admin,content management,system admin,home, are these roles sufficent to generate report or any roles are needed?
And other issue is after going into Content management role I am clicking reports workset but I am unable to see "Folder Size Calculation" option, any full access are needed to see it.
I am following help.sap link plz don't send it ,give me any other Material.
After starting the Km report  in Resource Statistics its showing size as zero.
help me in sloving this issue.
thanks in advance,


You could find all KM reports to the given navigation
try all these paths...I am unable to findout your issue definitely permission related
System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management -> Related Topics -> CM Repository Reports
Content Administration -> KM Content -> Toolbox -> Reports
Content Management -> Reports