Unable to generate message for Consignment Note

Dear all,
I would like to print Consignment Note from MR91, but the system issue message - "No message for initial / repeated processing exist", does anyone know how to solve this issue?
Do I miss out any setting in IMG or it is due to program error? My application release (SAP_APPL) is 470.
Data selection
Output type = KONS
Sort order = 01
Processing mode = 1 or 2
Document number = 51xxxxxxxx
Fiscal year = xxxx
Comany code = xxxx


Hi LOI ,
At first check whether the condition records are maintained. If it doesn't exist , maintain the same using MRM1 Transaction.
Goto Transaction NACE and Click on Application MR and then o/p types.
Check whether KONS is cofigured properly.
Ramesh Ch