UMEBackendconnection (pool size)

We are configuring AS Abap as our UME connection in SAP NW 7.3 ehp6, however we are unaware of the fact as to how to define the parameters for RFC destination "UMEBackendConnection"
We require information about how to configure the pool settings of this RFC Destination, we tried finding sap notes regarding this but were unable to get the proper solutions :
The default values are :
max connections :      10
pool size     :                 5
max. wait time in ms   10,000.
We actualy need to configure the above mentioned  values according to our to what value should be given according to our need,
please suggest.


Go to /nwa, search and select
-> Destinations
Select the destination, press edit button and go to Specific data tab.
  Best regards, Encho