Two weeks into owning my iMac and I trashed a bunch of files. I see "recovery" software advertised. Anyone know anything that would be helpful?

I'm embarrassed to admit somehow emptied my trash with hundreds of files. I   see on the web "recovery" software advertised. I don't dare pursue until I'm sure it's safe. In all the years using a PC I never did such a stupid thing. All the data lost are documents I transferred ffrom the PC -- Word docs, Excel docs, photos,  personal stuff. The good news is these are all on my PC in the cellar. Any words of wisdom out there?


If you still have them on the PC, that's by far the best way to recover them.
There are several recovery software options, but mostly quite expensive and none of them can guarantee that files can be recovered in a usable form.
Even when they are recovered, they won't be organised - it'll just be a collection of files which you'll need to check for integrity and then re-organise.
They also require an external HD to recover to - preferably a bootable one.
Having used a couple of them in anger myself, I'd consider them a last resort if the alternative is merely inconvenient.
And of course, it is wise to always have a backup; preferably a bootable clone kept up to date, but TM is a minimum reccomendation.
Please don't use the trash as a storage area - you can't delete selectively from there; it's all or nothing.