TV out blue/green reversed

It seems I can't get TV-out with correct colours anymore, using an MSI Geforce2 Ti and Windows XP.
I use TV-Tool to get TV output. When I try to switch to TV mode from the nVidia control panel, I just get a blue screen on the TV, and the monitor goes blank. In fact, it stays that way even after I reboot, unless I boot in safe mode. I have to boot in safe mode and reinstall the graphics drivers for it to go away. Curiously, when it was like that and I pressed the power button, which makes my computer hibernate, the "Preparing to hibernate..." screen popped up on the TV, with proper colours. But that was the only thing I could see.
Using TV-Tool, however, used to work before I reinstalled Windows and my graphics drivers. Now, when I just start TV-Tool it displays a test pattern that looks fine, I see the colour bars OK on the screen. But when I change to TV mode, green and blue get swapped. The effect stays after I switch TV mode off (the colour bars look odd).
Under the nView settings, the TV is listed as PAL-B, which should be correct, since I live in Sweden. TV-Tool is also set to use PAL-B.
Does anyone recognize this problem?


You will most likely get a better response if you post this question in the forums for your nano and iPhone.
Here's a link for the 3rd gen nano forum.
And here's the link for the iPhone forum.
And just for info, there's no such thing as an iPod classic 5th gen. The classic and the 5th gen are two seperate models.
Good luck with your problem.

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