TS3899 Purchased I phone 4S   3 1/2months ago  Having problem from day one w/ HOTMAIL & MSN  e-mail   ERROR messageS read:  the connection to the server failed or  unable to move message  The messge could not be moved to the mailbox trash when attempting

sed   IPHONE 4 S   3 1/2 months ago .   From day one MSN & HOTMAIL e-mail has not worked properly. UNable to delete e-mails in MSN & HOTMAIL  (ERROR MESSAGE reads UNABLE TO MOVE MESSAGE
UNable to download messages in MSN & HOTMAIL     My YAHOO & NYCAP e-mail accounts totally work.  How do I correct my MSN & HOTMAIL accounts???


We're very sorry for the troubles you're having getting your messages to your customers.  We're happy to help.  We will escalate this to the proper group for review.  Thanks for your patience as we investigate and escalate this issue.  ~Ian
Verizon Support
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