TS3202 sync music and delete. iphone5

I have 255 songs on my imac desktop. i wanted to move thoose songs to my iphone5. when i did that it asked me if i wanted to erase and put the 255 songs on my iphone. i said yes. it delted all my songs but only put 18 out of 255 songs on my iphone. how do i get all 255 songs to my iphone5?


I did some more checking as I still had my old computer online.
I booted and went into iTunes.
Under DEVICES, the TV was listed, along with MUSIC, PHOTOS, PLAYLISTS, much like an iPod/Touch.
When I went into PREFERENCES->TV DEVICES, the TV was listed and on the site, it stated SYNCING.
On the other computer, it listed STREAMING.  I did do a RIGHT CLICK on the device and selected "STOP STREAMING" and it disappeard - must RE-PAIR with the unit I guess.
I'm afraid to perform the following, but if someone out there has the equipment, maybe they can check...
Make sure nothing else is managing the TV.
Pair with the unit so you have all sorts of options under the device and it shows 'syncing'.
Now, create a new account and perform the same thing or use another Mac.  I believe it will limit you to STREAMING only.
My thoughts are that ONLY ONE computer can sync (just like other device).  I have to disconnect the association with the old computer.
Even though I moved everything over with Migration Assistant, I didn't have any issues with managing the iPhones, but I'm wondering if there is a Computer UUID that the AppleTV is TIED to.  Since I'm on a different computer UUID, and it's being managed by another one, I'm limited to STREAMING.
Only other choice is to RESET the unit - now, where did my manual go?