TS2756 Hi i just tald that golan telecom in israel cant provide hotspot on iphone 4 becuse you ( apple ) didnt give them premision to the IOS 7.1 is it true?

Hi please help i put the details i need in APN under HOTSPOT and it didnt save it; when i calld my celular compney (i use) they say "apple didnt allow us to provide thise yet on IOS 7.1" is it true? i use thise all the time and now i cant ; there is any fix for that? or is it true you dont allow then to provide it?


A) You're not talking to Apple.
B) No, it's not true. They can't do it because they either won't or don't know how.
There is a very simple solution.  Switch to one of the 4 supported carriers there, all of which offer that feature.