Trying to open CS5 in InDesign CS4

I am working with another graphic designer and she saved her InDesign CS5 file as a InDesign CS4. When I tried to open it in my Academic version of InDesign CS4 version 6.0 I received the following error screen -
Any suggestions - How do I update plugins or tell whether they need updated?
When moving files from CS5 to CS4 - do you have any tips?


CS5 file must be exported to IDML which you can then open in CS4.
Don't expect the document to look the same as it does in CS5. Text will reflow and any new features will be lost or badly mangled.
In short, if you have to work with someone on CS5 you should upgrade.

I can't open CS5 documents in CS4

I can't open CS5 documents in CS4. I know I need to update my plugins, but when I go to updates it says there are none. I have a hardcopy of CS4, is there a way to download CS4 electronically so I can receive all the updates I need? I have no idea ho

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What is the defference between adobe indesign cs4 and cs5? if anyone has a pdf file can you plz give me the download link to access it? ThanksEven better: Hope that h

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First issue that comes upon opening a particular CS5 project into CS6 is that DE_FreeForm plug-in is notified as missing. Ok. Then tries to load a comp and crashes. Project opens fine in CS5. I removed DE_FreeFormAE, will not open in CS6. Help please

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I have an iMac 27" with 2.8 GHz Intel Core 17. 4 GB RAM. It's running OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. Last week I had the computer's hard drive replaced after the old one had gone bad. All the data was transferred fine to the new hard drive. Since then my

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Since the last week im trying to use the Adobe InDesign CS4 Trial Version on my Computer but i does not work really. I have downloadet the German Version but after the installation it runs in Englisch and the Toolbars on the left and the right side a

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1. The local editors (PC) cannot open the Incopy assignments from the server, like before. When they have tried this, they get font errors and/or extremely slow open. If the Incopy does open, it takes several minutes to make each change. In order to

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I am having trouble opening most of my Photosshop CS4 files in CS5.  CS5 is up to date and all the files that I am having trouble with are saved out with max compatibility turned on / checked. The files are ads and they have text, vectors, background

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Hi, I'm running with latest osx and Indesign patches (clean install), but this happening 3-4 times per hour:[133] ([0x0-0x5f05f].com.adobe.InDesign[1851]): Job appears to have crashed: Bus error I uploaded one crash repo

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I am using Indesign CS4 in Mac OS X 10.6.2.  I have done all the latest updates to Indesign. I was trying to open and old .pmd Page Maker file that was created in a Windows version of Page Maker.  I am not sure what version they were saved in.  The f

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I just tried to open an indesign project and was told my trial has expired. why is this i need to open this project NOW !!!! also i noticed you're offering creative cloud for 29.99 us, i'm paying 45.00 canadian, why is this?

i just tried to open an indesign project and was told my trial has expired. why is this i need to open this project NOW !!!! also i noticed you're offering creative cloud for 29.99 us, i'm paying 45.00 canadian, why is this?Heathervillistus if your m

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I just got a new MacBook Pro and transferred all my files, etc, from my iMac to it via Migration Assistant. The first time I tried to open InDesign I got a message saying I needed to download an updated Java something-or-other. I did that, but then I

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I was trying to open InDesign and it wouldn't open at all. So I tried to uninstall it, intending to reinstall it to see if that would fix the problem. A box popped up saying a file was open, but I couldn't find the file to close it. What else can I t

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Loaded InDesign CS4 on iMAC 10.9.4. All other Adobe CS4 STD Suite applications work well. In-Design CS4 program would not open and gave me the Error 5 message. I rebooted as suggested and received the same error. Obviously I need the InDesign applica