Transfer number from post-paid to pre-paid.

After many hours spent with many different verizon people, i finally managed to switch my postpaid plan with a broken phone to a prepaid plan with a functional phone without changing my phone number. however, in order to complete the transaction, the associate deleted my postpaid account and began the prepaid account as if i was a new customer. this means that i have lost all of my contacts which were backed up through backup assistant, as well as the photos i had uploaded to the verizon media thing, and any texts and/or voicemails sent to my phone in the 10 days it wasn't working.
is there any way to merge the new account with the old account? what about the contacts i had stored in backup assistant? please help.


    ajamba, We apologize for the hassle with getting the prepaid phone activated. Were you trying to keep your old phone number? Was the post paid account still under a contract?
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