Z10 speaker issue

I'd anyone have issue with a crackling sound when you are on the phone? I can usually hear the crackling sound when the other speaks. Sounds like the speaker is "Blown" after listening to music too loud. I'm thinking about taking it back to best

Phone talking speaker crackles/software updates/App world.

Hello, I have had my phone since March, Recently i have started noticing my phone main speaker ( not the media/speaker phone speaker) is very cracklly and hurts my ear when im talking to someone on the phone...   Also, I have unanswered questions  My

Speaker crackle/pop at shutdown

Have New Pavilion M9510F connected to new W2338H with HDMI cable. Sound & video work fine but when shutting down, receive a sharp crackle/pop through monitor speakers. No problem when connected with VGA & Audio cable. HP techs say this is result o

Xperia z3c crackle in lower speaker

When I listen to classical music with stereo speakers I hear the lower speaker crackle. Perfect sound by the upper speaker if I close the second with my finger. How can I clean it?Sorry to hear this but you would need to either return your device to

Lumia 620 : Stuttering/Crackling Speaker :(

Bought Lumia 620 about 2 weeks ago.But using it now.After a few audio n video playbacks, the speaker started to stutter/crackle. It is so much irritating and after buying Lumia 620 with so much excitement, i am now too much disappointed with this pro

My left speaker is not working properly, and also making a crackling sound.

I just bought this computer about a month ago and already having problems. Such as my computer shutting down on its own and now the speakers just started today. It is only the left speaker that starts cracking and then goes completely out, onlt heari

Crackling sound from right speaker - Envy 14 Beats edition

The right speaker on my Envy 14 Beats edition has a crackling/static sound when playing any sort of sound from it.  I assumed it was a faulty speaker since its just the right speaker..  I've talked to HP support and they had me send it in.  After two

Built In Mic Crackles & Pops

Having finally setup my new Acer TimelineX i am now to the tweaking stage and stuck with the built in mic, the playback is awful, it crackles.  Any suggestions please ? CheersHi, Please try the following steps first: Right click the speaker icon (bot

Crackling noise then disconnects

My iPhone is making a crackling noise during calls, then drops them.  I have powered off & back onHow is your iphone working otherwise? Have you spoken with your cell phone carrier, it might be a network issue not a phone issue. You could try a new r

Iphone 6 speaker

i got the iphone 6 and a few days later my front speaker went out. is there something wrong with the phone and is there a technique to fix it? it's three months later and it is still goes in and out. how can I fix it?Hello adrianatonga, After reviewi

Need a 5.1 Sound Card to run with my Logitech Z-5500 speaker sys

Hi everyone, I would to pick your brains a little please I have got the Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5. Speaker System. I would like to purchase a sound card to run with the system but was unsure on what card to get. I obviously need a 5. card, right? So

HT3519 Speaker

I have had my 4s phone for over a year.  I use my speaker on my phone every night.  It just stopped working.  I have backed it up and reset settings but still not working.  Any help?Did you drop your phone or get water/liquid in the speaker grill? Pa

Very Little Sound in Side/Rear Speakers (7.1 speaker system)

I have WIN XP 32 bit, the Audigy 2 ZS soundcard, Creative 7700 7.1 7 piece speakers and the Creative sofrware installed. I can hear sound in the side/rear speakers but it is quite faint and I can't see how to turn up the volume. Any help would be gre

Snap, Crackle, & Pop! Not the cereal but rather, Audio problems.

My 12 minute short has developed annoying audio Snaps, Crackles, and Pops. I saw a work around from a 2005 archived discussion that involves applying a blank title which works but now there is a pop at the end of each sequence that I insert. Is there

MacPro Audio Snap-Crackle-Pop (macpro 6-core 3,33GHz)

Hi Everyone, 3 weeks ago i received my brand new 4500$ machine, after working for about 40 minutes there was this really loud POP/Crack trough the speakers, didn't think much of it at first but then after a while same thing happened. It really loud a

Can't able to speak in normal mode. Able to talk only in speaker mode

Dear Team, I bought the Z10 yesterday, When I make a call, the opponent persons can't hear when I talk in normal mode. They can able to hear me only when I put the call in speaker mode. Please do the needfulI am assuming you already tried turning the

Crackling and popping sound when playing music and watching youtube videos

there is a crackling and popping sound when i watch videos on youtube or play music/videos  using vlc media player  and windows media player. recently it has gotten to a point where it happens when windows is starting up or even when the laptop is re

SB Live! 24-bit external: Crackling sound at the start of au

I installed the SB Li've! 24-bit External audio device using the instructions provided, and I ran the automatic update program after installation had finished. Then I connected my Creative Megaworks THX 2. 250D speaker system to the S/PDIF connector

ASIO enabled apps seem to be causing popping/crackling in my right channel

Not 100% sure of this, but I seemed to have narrowed it down to that... let me explain a bit... I have an Audigy 2 Platinum and the four main audio applications I use are Sony's Sound Forge 8.0, Propellerhead's Reason 3.0, Steinberg's Cubase SX, and

Cant hear or record my voice when on headset mode in calld but can use speaker phone

I just got a BlackBerry Z10. When I make calls or am called people can't hear my voice in normal headset mode but if I put them on speaker they can hear me. I tried seeing if I could record my voice and it's not picking up anything. Why in normal mod