Safari 5 -  HTML5 Fullscreen support?

I just used Software Update to get Safari 5, and I love Reader, but when I try to play a video in Youtube or Vimeo's HTML5 player, I can't see any way to get it to go fullscreen like on Apple's "What's New" page... has this not been implemented

Safari 6 lost audio in HTML5 videos

I used to be able to play HTML5 videos in Safari without a problem--but as of the past week or so, I get no audio. I did a couple of courses through Coursera this summer and the HTML5 videos worked fine. But now that I've started new courses, I have

HTML5 Canvas issue with iOS Safari

I am trying to build a painting application in HTML5. I have an HTML5 Canvas in a div. This div is masked with an SVG file using -webkit-mask. On iOS Safari and in iBooks Fixed Layout: When you zoom the page by gesture, the mask suddenly stops workin

Why do html5 files not load properly for me in Safari?

Lately I observe that when I click on an html5-labelled video file, I get the spinning rainbow umbrella of doom?Check your Safari plug-ins/extension? Delete if necessary. Safari > Help > Installed Plug-ins. Safari > Preferences... > Extensions

Safari with 10.7.3 -Still no Screen Sleep Fix on HTML5 Video

Yesterdday 10.7.3 was released with new Safari and there is still NO fix for the Full Screen Sleep issue with HTML5 Video, whats wrong with you Apple, this bug is since Lion released with Safari,5.1 now 3 Versions later this small bug is still not fi

Error loading player html5 player not found safari

(Ipad Air Cellular 64gb) The problem is : it is impossible to read and run the streaming video ('KTO en direct') on the site  ''  with the Safari or Google Chrome Web Browsers. The message error is as follows : ' Error loading pl

Safari and HTML5 media support

Hello, I see that Safari only supports the HTML5 audio and video tags if QuickTime Player is also installed on your PC or Mac. I thought that the idea with these HTML tags were that it sholud not be necessary to install players to your browser. Will

Safari 5.1.7 Beach Balls when displaying HTML5 video

Hello all, I'm coming to you guys with an extremely annoying bug in Safari 5.1.7 (it's been fixed in 6.0, but Apple won't update Snow Leopard machines to the new version). I have an HTML5 video at that is supposed t

Safari 5.1.2 Youtube HTML5-Video issues

Fullscreen-Button on Youtube doesn't work for HTML5 videos on Youtube in Safari. Also there are problems with the video performance. The process QTKitServer Safari Webcontent has 105% CPU, the whole MacBook is very slow in that moment. This is only a

Youtube HTML5 fails to load in Safari 5, or 4.0.5

All I get is the spinning HTML5 whirly thing for Youtube's HTML5 videos (although Apple's demo HTML5 page loads without problem). I have no such problems in Chrome or Firefox. I also previously had the same issue in Safari 4.0.5. With Safari 5 I have

HTML5 surround audio mobile Safari

Hi there, I've made a HTML5 audio player which serves surround sound files (mp4). Works perfect on Safari desktop, (if only stereo available, downmixes to 2.0). In iOS Safari the files won't play. Is the mobile Safari unable to play/downmix multichan

When I try to play youtube video I get the message of blocked plug-in, and I can not play video using Safari. (Youtube works fine with google chrome) I tried installing flash player HTML5 etc... but still no difference.

I just installed OSX Mountian Lion, and ever since then I can not play youtube video's. I get the message of 'Blocked Plug-in' in the youtube screen. I have tried installing Adobe Flash Player. HTML 5, also tried enabling/disabling java, but nothing

Netflix won't stream higher than 1750 kbps in Safari

After the Yosemite 10.10.3 update, Netflix in Safari will not stream higher than 1750 kbps (which is only 720x480 and barely DVD quality).  Previous to the 10.10.3 update, Netflix would stream (HTML5) up to 5800 kbps.  As at test, I have streamed the

Youtube Video Search in Safari - Blank Page

Hi everyone, Just got my new iMac last night and it's great so far. Only thing is, when I go to search for a video on Youtube, the results displayed is just a white page. It will say there are however many results - i.e. 578,000 and display the numbe

Youtube videos not loading in Safari?

Youtube videos load in the Youtube app but don't load in Safari/Atomic. I can see the screen cap and press play, but the video never loads (the spinning circle spins forever or disappears). I can load HTML5 videos on other sites with no issues. Anyon

Getting audio to play in on my website in safari.

I have a music website (for an artist). I have song samples on thew website. I am using html5 with the audio tag and java/jQuery. It all works great in firefox, and chrome, but won't load or play in safari. Anyone else having this problem?Huh. I coul

Adobe Flash for Safari on iPad Mini? What are the alternatives?

Whhy doesn't Safari on my Mini use Adobe Flashplayer? Thanks!No Flash for iPads, iPhones, or iPods Here's why there's is no Flash available for iDevices or other mobile devices. Adobe was unable to provide a product that was suitable to the needs of

Media plugins not previewing in Safari

Quicktime files work properly ( in all browsers) once uploaded online but before uploading in preview mode, I see the Quicktime logo with a question mark in Safari....Firefox previews work. Please help....If you have the perpetual licensed version of

FMS 4 HTTP dynamic streaming in HTML5 video Tag

We recently purchased FMS4 and I'm in the midst of setting it up.  However, not that it's a HUGE deal, but.... I see conflicting answers in the forums about whether or not it is possible to stream media in the HTML5 <video> tag (going back to early

Problems with YouTube - iPad app and Safari on iPad

Recently, I have started to encounter problems with YouTube on the iPad. The first is the desktop version of YouTube on safari. At first it worked fine, but a few days ago, whenever I try to watch a video, the playing area stays black and a message a