I have problem in youtube safari on mac

youtube doesn't work in my mac safari pls helpYou probably need to download the latest Adobe Flash.Read other 2 answers

Problem youtube safari 5.1.7

i have the same problem with magged77!!! please answer...I found this in another thread.  Turn off the html5 trial in youtube. Davidsega This helped meRe: YouTube problems with Safari for many users  Mar 21, 2012 9:48 PM (in response to Rudolfensis)

Safari youtube brazil ?!!!

When I go to YouTube, Safari takes me to YouTube Brazil. This happens whether I go to a saved link or type in It inserts a "br." before and them everything is in Portugese. This does not happen with other browsers. Anyon

Youtube not working on my ipad 3, ios 6.1.2

Since last week i get messages in facebook, youtube, safari, chrome, that i cant play videos, anyone has the same problem?Make sure you are connected to the internet and can view other webpages. If  you can possible software glitch- restore your devi

Safari shuts down on Streaming Video (AVI or WMV)

Any time I go to a site that have streaming video (other than YouTube), Safari and Foxfire will lock up and shut down. It seems to happen when the video being streamed is an AVI or WMV file. I didn't have this problem with earlier versions of Mac OS.

Adobe Flash Won't Work With Safari

Just today i found that something is wrong with either youtube, safari or flash player. Whenever I click a video on youtube it gives me this huge wall of text. I don't know if this has occured with anyone else before but please help! its really frust

IPhone 3GS freezes very often

Hi, I have a pretty new iPhone 3GS (since early january) I use it with the 3.1.3 OS The problem I have with it is that it often freezes with the little loading circle in the middle(like the one in the middle of the page here

NY Times Application Won't Download New Content

The New York Times application on my 2nd gen. touch won't download new stories. When I hit the refresh button, the status bar "Downloading Latest News" appears, but it remains at 0%. My other apps have no problem connecting to the internet - mai

Problems after updating to firmware 3.0

Hi all, On wednesday I had updated to version 3.0 for my iPod touch 2G. I could see comparing to other touch 2G (v 2.2.1) that WIFI connection is very slow into YouTube, Safari, AppStore and all apps that uses WIFI connection. When I look at Setup ->

IOS 7: Changing orientation interferes with scrolling

When changing orientation in an app that features scrolling, this can disrupt vertical scrolling in portrait orientation.  This has been observed in the apps YouTube, Safari, and Cheezburger on the iPhone 4S 16GB White.  Scrolling remains disabled un

What's with the iPad 2 Crashes

I don't know whether this is an iPad 2 issue, an iOS update issue or both, but it is driving me a little crazy. Programs, YouTube, Safari are all crashing to the desktop. It isn't like it happens every 30 sec., but 15 to 20 times a day, my iPad 2 rev

IPhone Wifi keeps disconnecting

My Wifi keeps disconnecting when i watch videos from any app like youtube , safari... I have an iPhone 6 and this not a hardware issue cause last year I had the same problem with my iPhone 5s . How can I fix thisStart here

I dont know why, but my ipod wont go on safari and watch youtube videos. Ipod 4g

For some reason my safari doesnt turn on, and i cant watch youtube videos but i can watch things on a downloadable browser. Help please?Try: - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home butto

Youtube videos on safari

Hey! I am experiencing something strange with the youtube videos on safari. The video appears to be "moved" out of where it should be. Here is an image of the situation: Does anybody know why is this happening and a solution? Thank you very much

Safari - Youtube plays automatically

When I open Safari, the soundtack from the Youtube clip(s) opened in the previous session automatically play (simultaneously if more than one), and continue to play every time I open, which is frustrating and annoying, especially when faced with a wi

Safari browser won't exit YouTube unless I switch the phone off! Please help

I am new to Iphone just recently, I have been using Android for a few years and it had its problems too. On iPhone 6 , if I use Safari and go to YouTube it gives  me the option "done " top left corner, but when I click it nothing happens, it ref

Youtube Video Search in Safari - Blank Page

Hi everyone, Just got my new iMac last night and it's great so far. Only thing is, when I go to search for a video on Youtube, the results displayed is just a white page. It will say there are however many results - i.e. 578,000 and display the numbe

Why cant see youtube video in safari

sombody can tell me how can see youtube video in safari?Click here > If you can't stream YouTube content try troubleshooting the Flash plugin. Quit Safari. Uninstall the Flash plugin then reinstall new >  Troubleshoot Flash

Youtube videos not loading in Safari?

Youtube videos load in the Youtube app but don't load in Safari/Atomic. I can see the screen cap and press play, but the video never loads (the spinning circle spins forever or disappears). I can load HTML5 videos on other sites with no issues. Anyon

Youtube videos on Safari appear on the left of the window.

As the title states, Youtube videos on Safari appear on the left of the window. I can't remember doing anything that might have caused this - it was not always like this. Take a look at this screenshot. It does not happen when using Chrome or Firefox