N900 Nokia Messaging Yahoo Email

Hi, I have an N900 and am trying to get my UK Yahoo email address (which is .com) to sync with my Nokia messaging.  I have set it up - and if I send an email from the account, it sends ok.  However, I cannot see any folders - ie inbox, drafts, sent -

Nokia 6600i and .sis file

I guys. I should install a pdf reader on my 6600i. I has found two applications that are sis file both (One is Adobe reader for Nokia). I has trasfered this file on my mobile phone, but when i try to install these files, one message was displayed: "U

Nokia partners with Yahoo for Ovi chat.

Got an e-mail from Nokia yesterday that they are partnering with Yahoo to improve OVI chat experience. I'm not using either of these, you need to accept additional terms and conditions using the link provided by them. There was no mention of when thi

Yahoo mail alert configuration on Nokia 6700 Class...

I have been using 6700 classic for over a month and found the set very user friendly and handy. How ever I have two rather three issues. Can some one guide/elaborate? 1. Is it possible to use loud speaker mode while listening to radio or one can hear

NOKIA OVI YAHOO SMTP failures recently

I have two OVI email addresses and have used them for some time now. I have been trying with Mozilla Thunderbird and in the last few weeks I have been getting sporadic authentication errors when sending (SMTP) although receiving has always been fine.

Shall NOKIA | Yahoo! email (Ovi mail) be discontin...

I'm wondering, whether my * email address will stop working in a few months.Abi99 wrote: Why? Because Microsoft will soon buy Nokia, and Ovi mail is powered by Yahoo!, not MIcrosoft.Read other 4 answers

Nokia 5130 Yahoo! messenger

is there a yahoo messenger that I can use with this phone that can be minimized. just like the builtin MSN messenger. Thanks.Hi SecondCitySaint,  For troubleshooting in relation to the application "Yahoo messenger", please contact the publisher:

Nokia PT-6 Remote Camera

Could someone from Nokia tell me why this product is no longer being supported but still advertised and sold worldwide. 1) Nokia have not bothered to rewrite the phone software for Symbian Series 3 software so it cannot be used on their latest phones

Help Me! (Nokia 5800 xpress music)

I know that is my fault but i getted some viruses on my nokia 5800 xpress music! I do not know the type of the viruses but all i know is that is eating my memory! Even if i erased all things, i still have at sis aplications to much memori in phone so

Nokia 5310 MSN Freezing

I recently got a nokia 5310, the first day I got it the messengers started freezing, when I would go to the messenger page and hit ok on a messenger the phone would just freeze. I could get out of it by holding down the red button but then i wouldnt

My experience with the N97 - "my last Nokia"

Hi everyone, I know this is a user-to-user support forum but I believe a complaint to be some sort helps users to decide whether the N97 is for them or not. Before you read on, this post will contain comparisons to competitors, so if you hate apples,

Blocking Unwanted calls in Nokia 5220

Hi all Im new to this discussion board.... I want to ask ... Is there any software to block unwanted calls in nokia 5220 XpressMusic.... I tried Handy Blacklist,but it aint worked..i mean .sis format isnt supported... any alternate or other software

Nokia N8 unable to add mailbox, anyone facing this...

Nokia N8 unable to add mailbox, anyone facing this issue? It prompt add mailbox but without option to let us choose either ovi mail, hotmail, yahoo mail, or other (like what we usually have), I just able to key in mail address & password, after click

Nokia massaging

i'm tried many times but unable 2 conect yahoo mail on my nokia e72 by nokia massaging now i'm using ovi mail and gmail by nokia massaging its very simple and easy to recieve n send mail so i would like to make easy yahoo mail too by nokia massaging

Instant messaging(IM) option not working in nokia ...

i bought a new nokia 5130 xpress music mobile. but i am not able 2 connect to the instant messaging option(IM) itz coming as CHECK CONNECTION SETTINGS. but i have activated gprs and evrything in my mob. how to clear the problem?hi,     1)))) gprs on

Nokia N93i Themes

Hi I have upload one nokia n93i theme on my wap portal. Its a .sis file. When I download it from wap it gives error that "Installation of Terminator.sis is not supported". But when I download the same content from my computer to phone via infrar

Nokia 6700 classic & instant messaging

Dear sirs, I have a nokia 6700 classic and I cannot use the instant messaging system: I enter the "chat" application and I can select only the "Ovi" service. How can I add other services (GoogleTalk, Messenger, Yahoo talk)??? Can you h

Transfer my Nokia Account to another email id

Hi there, I have been having a Nokia Account since 2007 with a particular email id and now I wish to transfer to another email id, but carry forward all my favourites etc which are associated with my earlier account. For e.g. I have at least a 100 lo

GMX email provider for Nokia phones? My current  US based email provider is going to shut down its operations thus I am in need of another email operator.  GMX should support mobile phones.  Any good European based email operators suitable for Nokia phones you may kno

Nokia x6 email problems - Help!!

Help please. I have had my nokia x6 for a few months & recently had problems with text messages. That has now been sorted with doing software updates. However now, with the nokia emails, they keep coming in time & time again. I open them, have eve