Trying to install firefox on my windows computer, it says need to completely uninstall previous firefox. needs to restart. when cimputer comes back on firefox not installed.

Try to install FireFox computer says needs to reboot to uninstall deleted FireFox , when computer restart no install.Had the same drama with Windows 7 64 bit this is what I was told to do and it worked for me!! Close all applications and reboot the c

I cannot get foxfire to open. XULRunner comes up with error .ini

XULRunner Message error app name not specified in application.iniDo a clean reinstall. Download a fresh Firefox copy and save the file to the desktop. * Firefox 5.0.x: * Uninstall your current Firefox ver

When opening a web page, a blank page about the size of a third of the page appears for a sec then the full page comes up

when I open igoogle or any other website, a mini blank page (about a third of the full screen) appears for a sec then the full page complete with info appears. The blank page displays only mozilla firefox, the next full size shows the complete web si

The bottom case for my Macbook has come off, is the replacement kit free to order?

I don't live near an apple store so ideally I would like to order the macbook replacement bottom case kit. How much would this cost to order or is it free?There is this: No guarantee it is exactly what

My Macbook pro didn't come with any restore disks, How can I make some?

I was just curious, Macs and Macbooks used to include restore disks. My new Macbook Pro did not come with any so how do I create a set?Though these instructions are for Mt. Lion, they will work for Mavericks as well.  Making one one of these will fre

[failed] in Etre is an error ?

I launch Etre as you suggest. I attach the output: Hardware Information:           iMac - model: iMac9,1           1 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2 cores           4 GB RAM Startup Items:           360ControlDaemon - Path: /Library/StartupItems/360

How many instruments come with 09?

I recently purchased a new macbook and ilife 09. I am wondering with garageband how many instruments come pre loaded? I heard there were quite a bit but it does not seem like there are too many. Is there somewhere I can download more, or load more on

My macbook pro won't power up. only light green light comes on?

My macbook pro, brought in 2010  won't charge.  The green light comes on very faintly.    Reset SMC.     Choose the method for:     "Resetting SMC on portables with a battery you should not remove on your own&qu

How do I write to my boot camp partition with Paragon NTFS that comes with Mountain Lion?  Or how do I get my boot camp partition to show up in Paragon's "Available NTFS partitions:" panel like my external hard drive does?

I've just set up boot camp on my MacBookPro with a freshly installed Mountain Lion and Windows 7.  I would like to read and write in both directions from drive to drive if possible.  I've hunted around quite a bit to try and work this out, and so far

When Leopard comes out, will Tiger still be available?

I'm a nincompoop with computers, when Leopard comes out, will Tiger still be available to purchase? I would rather have OS X Leopard, but I don't know if my powerbook will satisfy the requirements to run it. Have they published the requirements for L

Reflecmedia - I'm surprised this didn't come up in a search here...

A client (and great friend) I work for is thinking about investing in the Reflecmedia screen and RingLite. A one minute video demo is here is you're never heard of it... I've personally used this con

Firefox intermittently displays the html code but when I reload, the page comes in correctly

For example, the page opened by the URL listed below displayed: ''Your local stores: + "=" + av.par window;}")st" hg(1cookies dencrenc8900ipt">.-> it("&eval("do dantage.adi=0;i it("=eval("do d } pain[

Ho un problema con la Ai CC2014 non si apre. mi da errore 1. come devo fare a disinstallarla e reinstallarla?

Ho un problema con la Ai CC2014 non si apre. mi da errore 1. come devo fare a disinstallarla e reinstallarla?Lilia, I believe you can use this Google link to the page and click Traducir

Does the iPad 2 get iOS 6 and if it does will Siri come with it ?

I just wanna know when the iOS 6 comes out well it be used on iPad 2 + wi-fi and well siri be on it ?Yes iOS 6 will be available for the iPad2 and no it will not get Siri. Siri will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad (3rd generation) and require

Www not working

I've created my site in iWeb '08 and have successfully published it to a folder and uploaded to Godaddy who hosts it for me. Then, just yesterday, something changed. If I type the site comes up just fine. However, if I type www.

I purchased a macbook air in July, 2013 which did not come with a pre-loaded iworks package. i have later learned that apple has made iworks free for OSX mavericks users. can you please suggest me a way to download the iworks package for free.

I purchased a MacBook Air in July, 2013. I have later learnt that Apple has made iWorks free for OSX Mavericks users. However, the App Store still shows the package as paid for me. I want to know a way of downloading it for free.

HELP: where is "com.sun.awt.svg"?

Hi, there is sample code "" for SVG generator at can anyone kindly tell me where the package com.sun.awt.svg is. Many thanks.I did download batik but there are about 2

Www as part of website address?

I have recently uploaded a website I created in iweb. It looks great, but I've discovered the address can't include www. If you try to access the site by entering " it tells you there is an error. Is this because I am curre

I have a problem when iTunes card insert the card number comes message the code you entered has not been properly activated

I have a problem when iTunes card insert the card number comes message the code you entered has not been properly activatedIs the store that you bought it from close so that you could try going back to them and ask them to activate the card properly

| symbol comes out as ? mark

Hi, One of my Customer encounters the following issue. he has a table with a column of type varchar2. He inserts | symbol into it. When a select on the table is issued, it comes out as ? mark instead of | that was inserted. Doing dump(column_name) gi