APEX – HTTP-400 Bad Request

We have some users who are experiencing what appears to be a browser problem in one of our APEX applications. When clicking on any button that does an insert or update to the database some users get an HTTP-400 Bad Request error message. The database

Prob in installing Flights of Fancy

Hi This is the second time it has happened to me. When I follow the installation document for installing "Flights of Fancy" example and run loadsdk.sql, the web service goes down. I receive "503 - Service temporarily unavailable" messa

Install Errors upgrading to 3.1

I'm upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1 During the install i get errors: WWV_FLOW_VAL must be declared wwsec_sso_enabler_private.enabler_config_not_found must be dec the final error that stops the install is: package body flows_030100.wwv_flow_security" has er

Urgent: You cannot login because an error occurred while retrieving the login URL.

I got this error when i tried to login to administrator portal The error number is wwc-41441 i can login into portal30 but not into portal30_sso please send me a reply as soon as possibleHi, I ran ssodatan again and got the following error: ERROR: Se

Upgrade to Apex 4.1 results in  "Error processing SSO authentication"

We recently upgraded our Apex environment to 4.1 from 4.0.2. In our previous environment we used SSO authentication. Some how in the new Apex 4.1 we can get to all our applications with the url put any application which