What is 57F4 in Subcobtracting challan..?

Hi all Can anybody explain me about 57F4 challan for subcontarcting . How excise part will be used in subcontarcting process.. In subcontracting also , excise duty capture and posting is there..? Any body explain me . Thanks sap-mmHi

57f4 Challan reconsilation

Dear All , If i do not reconsile the 57f4 challan in MM module what impact it will have in account side ? where ? How to see the same ? RegardsThere will be no impact in accounting. Only thing that the challan will remain open. The annexure IV regist

Subcontract process (57F4 challan)

Dear SAP Guru, I implement a scenerio of subcontracting. A new requiremnt is come under subcontracting. i.e A plant send a Material X to subcontractor through 57F4 Challan. And soncontracotr process that material and add some material with X (i.e. Ex

57F4 Challan printing with Purchase order number and parent material

Dear Team, As a SAP standard 57F4 subcontracting challan will have only legal entities,child materials, quantity, assable value etc. but as a client requirement we need to incorporate the PO number and line item in the 57F4 challan, additionally clie

Prevent double print for the 57F4 Challan

Hi, I have to lock the double/multiple print for the 57F Challan. Pl. suggest. With Regards, Devendrait is the mgt decision to lock Tell the logic to your ABAP team who can add the coding in the existing smart form being used for this print out. G. L

57F4 Challan in MIGO

Dear All, When I refer the subcontracting challan in MIGO the system tends to accept all the challans which are not relavent to the purchase order. Kindly help me if any setting is to be made to validate the P.O and the challan number. Help in any fo

57F4 -Reconcile

Hi Experts I send  the 10 components to the SC vendor through 57F4 challan.1 component scrapped at Vendor's place. Can I use :551 -O mvt or MB04.? what's the exact process please. regards Ramhi buddy if ur vendor is gonna bare the cost of material sc


Dear all, What is the ikmportance of 57F4 form...... Once we company receive the damaged goods ...customer will send along with the damaged material. What is the present Service tax........: Is thr any Excemptions like Sales tax.,... It's very urjent

Post Subcontracting Challan in back date

Hi I want to make the 57F4 challan in back date. when i try this system accept back date, but when i take the print out of this, then i found that posting is being done on the current date. Can we make the entry in back date of the 57F4 challan. Than

57fc status mass change

Dear gurus We have 4 store locations under one plant each stores will prepare 57f4 challan and send the materials for subcontractor for further processing. We found that the status of all pending 57f4c's changed as completed instead of assigned. In s

Subcon 180 days over

]Subcon status assigned and reconclied 50 Qty and pening is 200 QTy. Now 180 days passed . How to proceed ? What are all the accounting entry ? Which GL registers will Hit ? kindly helpCheck all this links, After 180 days in subcontracting ?? Subcont

Subcontracting for assets

Dear Gurus, I am trying to test a subcon process for asset repair and am doing the following steps: - create subcon PO with asset as a recursive item. - transfer posting to vendor stock - 57F4 challan creation since the asset is excisable - GRN for t

Subcontracting flow

hi all, I need to know what is the normal flow of subcontracting. I explain, for example i have to produce X quantities of an intem, and i know that i have to create a purchase order for poste type (s) subcontracting. i did it, i have created a purch

Out and Out Sub Contracting scenario

the process is : 1) Create Standard PO for component material on Vendor A (in delivery address tab, entering Sub con vendor with tick) 2) Now doing GRN for the above PO, the material is received directly at vendor location.  3) Sub Con PO is created

How to Track 57 A4 no.

Hello The Jobwork Process is Handled by Production and Inventory Transfer Documemt. 1. Purchase Raw Material From Supplier and receive it to your Premises 2 .inventory Transfer it to Jobwork warehouse like send for Jobwork and Print the Form 57F4Chal

Subcontractor qty reconciliation problem

Hi, I am Manoj here and need your help on subcontractor quantity reconciliation. Scenario is, subcontract PO is made, 57F4 challan is made, material is transferred to subcontractor, GR for finished material is done, and then qty is reconciled in J1IF

Subcontracting process plant to plant

Dear SAP consultants, I have the following issue. There are 2 plants . A material is being sent from one plant to another plant via 57f4 challan for subcontracting operation. I want to map this in SAP. Please guide. Regards, AadityaCheck this forum d

Cin settings for subcontracting

hi we want to maintain 57f4 challan in subcontracting process using cin.can any one please tell me the basic settings for this? regards rahultax on goods movement  == india == Basic transaction == Subcontracting == Subcontracting Attributes imp is su

How the variations are in subcontracting taken care of in SAP?

How the variations are in subcontracting taken care of in SAP? thax in advnc. regards, rajeshHi, Variations in Subcontracting: - 1. Scrap handling 2. Over/Under Consumption of Components 3. Return of Assembly to Subcontractor for Reprocessing 4. 57F4


hi, what is the purpose to do bank challan update? what is challan clearing number? what is internal challan number? what is bank challan number? thankshi, Bank challan is for have to pay total amount of TDS to government which you deducted