Westell 6110 - No web page

I tried and I get no connection. It says "web page not found." I've tried it with both an connection via Ethernet and via USB and neither will let me get to the configuration data. I desperately need to get there as one of the

Westel 7500 / fortigate / multiple IP

Recently activated business dsl with verizon, purchased 5 ip addresses. Verizon provided westel 7500 modem. Replaced old Westel 2200 with new 7500. I have a fortigate router in place and configured to provide all protection, screening, routing that o

Verizon Westell 9100 Em router - Citrix Connection

My work requires that I make connection using Citrix. It appears that my Westell router configures the firewall each day and renders me being not able to connect to my work each morning. I have to do a hard reset each morning and only then I can conn

I am having trouble using analog triggering on PFI0 with PCI-6110

I am having trouble with analog triggering. I am trying to use PFI0 as an anlog input for triggering purposes and this is on a PCI-6110 card. I am outputing a 10Hz 5Vpp triangle wave signal from an analog output channel and inputing it into PFI0. I a

Westell 327 with Linksys

I have possibly a stupid question, but here goes.  I have a Westell model D90-327W15-06, issued to me by Verizon several years ago.  I've used it only as a modem, with a Linksys 802g router since about 2007.  My question is this: I want to upgrade to

6110 Contacts and Calendar Birthday events

I have recently got a 6110 Navigator but am having difficulty with the calendar. The birthdays I introduce on my contacts does not appear on the calendar. I have read the manual but it does not indicate anything in particular about these fields. Is t

Westell 2200 Modem, should I upgrade?

To all who can see this, I am running a Westell 2200 Modem with a Linksys Wireless-G BEFW11S4 Router.  Lately, probably within the past 6 months, we've been experiencing a multitude of Lost Connections.  The way it happens makes it seem like it's bot

NetFlix - Westell A90-750045-07

Is there a special port forwarding configuation for netflix for my  Westell A90-750045-07#1 You can try to forward ports to see if it makes a difference. #2 For directions, see

Receiving a sinewave of 150kHz modulated by pulse of 10% duty cycle and receiving it through A/D card (NI 6110)

hi .....prob: i am transmitting a modulated sine wave (150kHz) with pulse trains (pulse width = 6.67msec and duration = 66.7 msec. and i want to receive the same through ai channel. i am using NI 6110 DAQ card and labview 7.0 ver. early reply w'd be

NAT Type - Xbox - Westell 7500

Hello, I have the Westell 7500(750045) modem/router.  I have 2 Xbox's that I would like to open that NAT for.  Those 2 xbox's are on the same network.  It will let me port forward to one xbox, but I am having trouble for the second one. What I've rea

Driver for HP 6110 All in One Printer for MAC OS X 10.6.8

Your Search: Is the driver for HP 6110 All in One Printer the same for MAC OS X 10.6 as for MAC OS X 10.6.8? Hi JCWG. To answer your question, Yes the driver is the same.  Do you have questions about the install? Just in case you need it, here is the

Westell 9100EM making clattering noises

I have a Westell 9100EM.   For the past 2-3 weeks, it has started to make a clattering noise which happens with regularity every 3-4 minutes. All my connections work fine, however. I'm just wondering if this is a sign of a dying modem? Thanks, TJMay

More than 15fps on nokia 6110 navigator

Is there any 3rd party software which can allow capturing 320x240 video with 25 or 30fps?! Nokia n95 with same processor speed (369mhz) capture witouth troubles 640x480 with 30fps. Any chances to make new firmware with this usseful thing?!24-Oct-2007

Nokia Software Updater does not recognize 6110 Nav...

Hi, I've been trying all day to update the Firmware on my 6110 Navigator. I've checked on the website and Nokia is listing a new Firmware version available. The problem is that when I run Software Updater I keep getting the message "Phone is not supp

Upgrading from Westell DSL modem to ActionTec

Hello all, I have a situation where I'd like to migrate from an older Westell modem (A90 series) over to a newer ActionTec modem. The problem I have is this: I don't remember the IP address of the ActionTec modem. I'm under the impression that I need

Port Forwarding Issues with Westell a 7500

I'm having troubles getting port forwarding to work on my Westell 7500 router.  I have used the instructions provided at​/Networking/Troubleshooting/PortForwarding/123866.​... Having set up my own po

PCI-6110 transient synchronous input noise

I am trying to acquire transient voltage signals with a PCI-6110 board, sampling at 5MHz. When I examine one channel of an input signal (from an optical sensor, with its own internal op amps) using the sensor's BNC cable to high-impedance input of an

Nokia 6110 Offline/ Flight Mode

Is it possible to use the 6110 Offline Mode(I presume this if Flight Mode??)when travelling on commercial aircraft? Is it possible to use the Navigator programme when phone is in Offline Mode? and; Is it possible to use Nokia Sports Navigator when in

Westell 9100em: Ports not forwarding

I moved into a new apartment recently with Fios and a Westell A90 9100EM15-10 and I haven't figured out how to port forward with it yet.  I need these ports forwarded: 7777(TCP/UDP) 28900 (TCP) 27900 (UDP) 28910 (TCP) I followed the instructions an a

Slow iMac G3 with Westell 327w dsl modem

Set up a wireless network with a Westell 327W modem, supplied by Verizon DSL, and an iMac G5 (airport extreme card) and ibook G3 (airport card). Could not get the G3 to work with WPA security so used WEP. Thing is, the iMac gets about speeds of 2100/