Blackberry 9220 won't start after os update

My blackberry 9220 was perfectly working for the past 8months, after finding out that there's a new update for os, i tried updating mine. I fell asleep while updating my os thy i didnt notice if the os was successfully updated bt wen i woke up at the

BlackBerry 9220 trackpad is working intermittently

Hi BB Team,                   Good Day! I badly need your help as I can't use my phone that much.. My phone's trackpad suddenly not working. Therefore, I check all the forums and search for possible solutions. So far, Here are the things I have done.

Blackberry 9220 getting hold often

Hello everyone. I am new to BB world and currently using BB9220 which is purchased on 23rd Feb. I am quite disspointed with the device. Often my phone gets hanged and i need to pull out the battery to reboot the device. The problem is if some body ca

Wi-fi issue

my friend has Blackberry 9220 which connects faster to the same wifi that my iphone 4s is trying to connect to . i have turned off and on the wifi, cleared history,closed all apps,"soft" reset iphone. turned off and on the iphone but still doing

Phone no longer pairing with Hyundai i20 Bluetooth

Hello  My Blackberry 9360 used to Pair Automatically with my car's bluetooth when I start up the car, however this is no longer happening and I need to manually pair the phone with the car each time. I have tried deleting the phone from the car's blu


HIII ,ME HAVING BLACKBERRY 9220 AND I NEED TO KNOW THE PROCESS TO BACK UP & RESTORE MY CONTACTS.Hi @aankitvohra! Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums! There are 2 ways to backup/restore your Data on your BlackBerry: Using BlackBerry Des

Whatsapp for BlackBerry curve 9220

hi i have a  blackberry curve 9220 ... my watsapp work wen it want .... my watsapp  isn't working properly... Internet is working except watsapp ,,,,but  wen I reboot problem solves but is it good for a phone to rebooot it daily? I have to remove the

Blackberry curve 9220 got dead in just 4 weeks. the worst service center experience in ahmedabad, gujarat - india.

Conversation started Tuesday 6:32pm Hem(personal info removed) hi, my name is hem(personal info removed) from ahmedabad. i m feeling like a fool after buying a blackberry curve 9220 white handheld from snapdeal. i received the phone in the last week

How to activate internet on Blackberry Curve-9220?

Blackberry Curve-9220 Solved! Go to Solution.Hello Harsharaora29528                                              To Activate Internet on your device you need to Contact your Carrier Airtel ,they can add it on your account.And if you want to enjoy all

Blackberry​curve 9220 location service by mobile networks

I would like to if curve 9220 shows our location in google maps via mobile networks or wifi Solved! Go to Solution.Hi geevar24 Welcome to BlackBerry Support Forums BlackBerry® Curve 9220 has no built in GPS , but google maps will show your location t

Blackberry curve 9220 misplaced

i have misplaced my blackberry curve 9220... i have been trying to call at the helpline number but no candidate is answering my i want you to help me to get my cell phone back...please mail me if my cell phone is active or not.. Removed pers

IE Browser problem in 9220 curve

I purchased 9220(vodafone) in may12 .then I can open the sites which need IE Browser and two browsers appeared on my phone's home screen . But in Aug12 my phone was replaced from service center and new phone is having OS7.1 .now when I am trying to o

Serious Malfunctio​n with Curve 9220 since the time it has been bought

Had bought a blackberry curve 9220 in March 2013. Since the time it has been bought, there were network related issues. In October, this phone got switched off by its own too. FInally after showng up at the service center they got this fixed. Within

HT1338 blackberry desktop software not getting installed

I have bought Blackberry curve 9220 and wanted to snyc to my mac. I did download Blackerry Desktop Software for the same from the Blakberry website, but its not opening or installing. It is just showing error as "illegal seek", Please assist.Whe

Router in blackberry

how to make wifi router in blackberry curve? Thanksonly for OS 7.1 devices except for Blackberry Curve 9220. Click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved. To give thanks, click thumbs up Blackberry Battery Saving Tips | Follow me on Twit

HTML Email Client for Blackberry

Hello,   Forgive me if my question seems elementary, but I am new to the forum and to use of the Blackberry.  I currently have an 8830 World Edition phone and have configure on POP email address on the device.  I can access my emails successfully.  H

An Idea For a BlackBerry Q10 Trackpad?

Using my BlackBerry Q10 I like the phone and everything much better than my BlackBerry 9900. Though, I miss the trackpad part. Maybe if BlackBerry where able to complete an app that people can download and use it as a BlackBerry traditional trackpad

Blackberry Curve won't sync properly with Outlook 2007

Hi I've searched the forums and can't find the answer to my problem so I wonder if anyone could help. I keep all my business contacts on Outlook 2007 (there are almost 3,000 of them so I can't wipe them). Recently, I downloaded the Version 7 of the B

Outlook doesn't download messages sent from Blackberry

I am using MS Outlook on my home PC to sync my gmail messages (using POP3). Here is what I noticed: When I send a message through GMail web interface, it does show up in my Outlook. When I do the same through my BlackBerry, which is also connected to

You have inserted a sim card. would you like your blackberry

Every time I turn my phone on it displays the messag "you have inserted a sim card. would you like your blackberry to automatically selct CDMA or GSM based on the network" Is there any way to stop this from displaying? I have my phone to auto sh