VPRS error in sales order

Hi all, I am trying to use VPRS to show the std.price. I have done the below, 1.In item cat TAN I have set the "determine cost" 2.In item cat TAN  I have included the  X indicator for Pricing. 3.In pricing procedure VPRS is set statistical with

Change VPRS during billing -( order related Billing )

Hi Guru's, There is a requirement for changing the VPRS value during Billing - ( Order Related billing ).  There is a particular requirement for which this scenario is needed.   I did manage to change the value or XKOMV via a custom requirement but i

Lost pop account connection

Old network consisted of ADSL modem/router to which airport base station , Phaser 740 and MDD G4 were connected using ethernet cabling. A G4 powerbook could access the internet through the airport but never the printer. No problems accessing emails t

Message Code STA1-217 - Menu bar not created

Hello, I have developed one report and in that i am getting the below message in "Code Inspector". "Message Code STA1-217 - Menu bar not created" I tried to delete the menu bar from pf status but still getting the same message. I have

Error message VF 217 when creating downpayment request in VF01

Dear Experts, We use milestone billing. I did all the necessary settings in customizing. Here is an example for a billing plan billing date    date description   billing rule   date category billing type 28.02.2010  0009                      5       

VPRS not getting picked up in Intercompany Billing Invoice

Hi all, I am creating an invoice with respect to an intercompany PO. In the invoice, I am getting an error "Mandatory condition VPRS missing". When I check the analysis, I could see a message "Error in Quantity Value Determination" In

STOMP - balance incoming/outgoing message rate?

Hello, I have set up a STOMP client test application for OpenMQ (4.6 on Windows Vista) which runs two threads, one is continuously sending messages to a topic, and the other consumes them, using client-side ack. The results show that the broker accep

VPRS condition type not getting computed while retro billing.

Dear All, I have an issue while generation of Reto billing using the T.Code : VFRB.While running VFRB the values are getting computed correctly and the supplimentary debit / credit note gets created. But the values for the condition type VPRS is not

Strange email messages

For some reason my emails are coming up with all sorts of messages i.e. by with SMTP id ik1cs34512qcb; Wed, 25 Aug 2010 07:51:25 -0700 (PDT) Received: by with SMTP id h9mr916892wec.34.1282747883597; Wed, 25 Aug 2010 07:51:2

Message when sales price is less than cost price

Hai Guys, Is there any standard configuration in SAP which makes the system give a warning when the Sales price is less than the cost. I have seen this feature in some IDES systems, but I am unable to get that feature in my current project. Can someb

Message Driven Bean Reference Problem

Hi, I have problems a MDB referencing other beans, I am getting Class Cast exception whenever my MDB tries to use narrow operation after the lookup is done. The Code is as follows: public void ejbCreate () throws CreateException { log("ejbCreate call

Upgraded to OS Mavericks- CS5 updates error messages + DOUBLE Photoshop plug ins CRASHES

...sigh...If anyone can help me, I will be eternally grateful! I updated my MacBook Pro (fall 2010?) to Mavericks so I could still use my CS5 Suite. Adobe Updater kept saying "unable to download" all updates.... Then, using Photoshop, I found th

Office 2011 suddenly error message...

Hi all, suddenly I got the following error message when I want to start any of the office programms like Word, Excel and Outlook... Maybe somebody has an idea... I just installed it totaly new two times but the error comes up again.... Thanks! Proces

Getting Error message while deploying the OAF page in custom top

Hi, I have created a new custom OAFpage(datafileupload).It's working fine when I'm running from Jdeveloper but after deploying the page in application server under custom top($CUSTOM_TOP/java).I'm getting following error. I have deleted all my files

I can no longer access mail, kindle for mac, and pdfs from the Internet after performing my last software update java for Mac 10.6 update 8. Mail quits after about 30 seconds.The error message is pasted below.

Process:     Mail [461] Path:        /Applications/ Identifier: Version:     4.5 (1084) Build Info:  Mail-10840000~1 Code Type:   X86-64 (Native) Parent Process:  launchd [257] Date/Time:   2012-04-14 10:49

Iexplore.exe - Application error (0x0eedfade) Runtime error 217

I have had error messages appear on my screen as I begin to shut it down. The first says: Iexplore.exe -Application error (0x0eedfade) 0x7c812a5b and the second says: Runtime error 217 at 0473F48E What do they mean? Yesterday my notebook shut down in

New vprs condition for posting COPA according to item category

Hi      My client has a requirement of  posting in COPA according to item category, for example ,i have two items in the billing one is with normal item ctegory (TAN) and other is (TANN),They want the postings should be different for both the item ca

Error message KI203 when transferring non valuted stock cross company

Hi, The posting of the stock transfers plant to plant is prevented by the error message KI203: Company code & is not assigned to CO area &. The Error is in following case :       1. The transfer posting is carried out between plants of different c

Unknown User Error Message, Do I have a Virus?

Today I checked my AOL email and had over 40 messages in my inbox all within a very short time frame. I recognize most of the email addresses that came back with the Unknown User messages. I did not send any emails out and there is no record in my se

Getting an EXC_BAD_ACCESS message

I'm suddenly getting a mysterious crash before my app even displays anything. I've figured out that it happens when I add my view controller's view as a subview of the window. I changed (fixed is more like it) my app so that rather than drawing to la