Need help to create I/b Delivery(VL31N) and GR (MIGO) against to PO

Hi ABAPers, Please give me BAPI/FM to create inbound Delivery(VL31N) and Goods receipt (MIGO) against to PO. And please tell me the fields( which i need to pass to each BAPI/FM) to create successfully. my assumption is : inbound Delivery(VL31N) : GN_

Need BDC code for Call Transaction of VL31N, which creates Inbound del.s,

Hi Experts, Is any body does have the BDC (CALL TRANSACTION) code for VL31N transaction, where we can crete INBOUND deliveries from Purc Orders. Actually, currently am doing by using FM - GN_DELIVERY_CREATE, but, its not given me a chance to incorpor

BAPI for Inbound delivery

Hi, I am interested knowing, if there is any BAPI available for doing Inbound Delivery in SAP. I have a requirement to do partial inbound delivery which I cant do with VL31n or VL30. even if can do with these transactions, I will not be able to run t


Hi Experts Can any body pls explain me abt BAPI , BADI , USER EXIT , FUNCTION MODULE  and its uses in details . Thanks DevashishDear Deba, Functional Module:Procedure that can only be defined in function groups and outside of classes. Can be called f

BAPI for open bal for GL?

Can anyone know the std SAP function module/BAPI that is being able to leverage for calculating the Open Balance of a GL Account? Thanks in advance Kumarhi kumar For period wise balances we have the following two BAPI functions. Check whether you can

ALE BAPI standardmaterial

hi,   first ,i m newhand in ALE BAPI   for the purpose of transfering MatMaster Data from one client to another  i want to use BAPI(standardmaterial) in distribution model (BD64).   of course i have set the necessary points in IMG , but what confused

BAPI to create Steel Surch Debit (From VA01 Transaction)

Hi, I need a bapi to create steel surch debit,if we give order type zdr1 in va01 it will create a steel surch debit memo,I tried with BAPI 1.BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA1 2.BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA2 3.BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA 1st  and 2nd 

Bapi for the transaction FBRA, FB08, FB01 anf FD02

hi, can any one please help me with BAPI for the following transaction? FBRA - reset cleared items FB08 - reversal of the documents FB01 - post documents FD02 - change customer. regards kritiHi Copy the below  program in se38 and execute the program

Dump while using BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROM in background

Hi All, I am using bapi BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROM to create sales order in background. I am picking a file from server and converting that into header and line iten and passing that to above BAPI. Its creating order successfully and background job i


Hi, Can any one help me or give me some clue from where we can find all the Product related BAPI's in the CRM ? Also give me the names of the Product related Tables in CRM Data base. Points will be rewarded for helpful answers. Thanks, Samantak.Hi An

Performance of bapi BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE.

Now we meet the reqeust to split the order item by quantity in order to assign wbs number to each material For example the sales order contains one item with 10 Qty and we need to split to 10 items and each item with 1Qty Order:      Line 0001       

To create BAPI Wrappers for Sales Order Creation

Hi Experts, I'm working upon MI 7.1 to create mobile application for creation of sales order. I've to create Sales Order BAPI Wrapper (Getlist, Get Detail & Create) using Standard BAPI's (BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST & BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2).

BAPI for QP02 - to De-assign and Re-assign materials

Hi Experts, Please let me know if there any BAPI available for QP02 transaction??? My Requirement is : In transaction QP02, when going to the header screen, there is a button to assign materials to inspection plans. Once in that screen appears list (

BAPI for customer group wise sales

Hello Experts, I m developing one report,in which i want customer group wise sales , collection & outstanding as on date. Is there any BAPI which helps. Please suggest. Ravihi Ravi, try SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL hope this helps regards Aakash BangaRea

BAPI for entering MM Service Contracts

Hi,    I would like to know which is the best bapi to be used to enter the MM service contracts. I have got two bapis 1)  BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE 2)  BAPI_AGREEMENT_MAINTAIN Which one is the Best bapi and whats the min. required fields to be used to cre

How to hire new employee (BAPI, BDC, IDoc/ALE...???)

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I was asked to create an interface that would "hire employee" and I failed to find nice function module that would do that. Could you, please, share your ideas/experience about how to solve this? Best regards Momkic Me

Screen shots of lsmw using bapi and idoc.

hi can anybody plz send me the step by step lsmw procedure using bapi and idoc screen shots. regards vijayRefer this link... it has step by step procedure with screen shots.... http://www.****************/Tutorials/LSMW/LSMWMainPage.htm Regards, Pava

Added outputs getting vanished because of BAPI in SAVE_DOCUMENT(DELIVERY)

Hi Experts, We have requirement to update Sales order price whenever PGI happens. In order to do that 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE' was been used. New issue rose. 1. In delivery Extras-> Output header-> Added new output 2. Came back to delivery screen an

Bapi for Order list(iw38) and PM Notification(iw21)

Hi experts, Can you please tell me are there any BAPI's which can fullfill the functionalities of the tcodes: IW38 and IW21 ?? Thanks & regards, Aayush AggarwalPlease find the list of bapi's present in maintenance notification and orders ORDERS:   BA

How to create a data filter for BAPI used in a Distribution Model ?

I am trying to create IDOC's for a QM inspection plan via message type QPMK in ECC 6.0. When creating the new message type in the Distribution Model, it forced me to use a BAPI (MasterInspectionChar) rather that just the message as I have done in the