LOV_UPDATE doesnt get new Value in VO

I am trying to retreive the latest value selected in a LOV window. EVENT_PARAM returns "lovUpdate" after a new value is selected in the LOV Window. When I read the value from one of the methods in AM of that View Object lov attribute, the search

New value in the screen

i have 2 parameters  (x,y) on the screen. my demmand is :when i put values in x,and livving the paramter with "click" or "tab"  (not enter) i will have new value in y. example  :  x---5             y--empty click on y--- i get new valu

Get OLD&NEW value of an UPDATED column selected dynamically in a Trigger

Hi All, I am writting a trigger which take column name dynamically. And on the basis of that column it should give me old value as well as updated value of a column corresponding to a modified row. OOO_SCHEDULE is my table name; Note: This is only fo

How to get warning by using the previous value of the column and new value

Hi all, Suppose the column A has the true and when I click on button which also sets the value of the column as true I should dispaly warning that column a is already true.How can I achieve this.How to store the original value of the column and then

How to Get Resource value which are referred in code behind file using IResourceProvider

Hi Everyone, Currently I'm working on moving the Resource file from "App_GlobalResources" to Database by using IResourceProvider. I created a CustomResourceProvider project using ResourceProviderFactory and able to get the resource values from D

How to get the value from select tag

I am trying to do the exactly same thing as this select Demo does. I can not find out a way to get the value form the first select menu and use it to get all the values to form the second select menu. here is the web: .

Not able to get changed values in the SAVE EVENT in ServHPartnerDet view

Hi Experts, I am new CRM WEB IC, i have requirement like need to access four IBASE fields from BupaIbaseDetail and need to display those fiedls in ServHPartnerDet view. I am able display the fields and its values in the target view. But when user pre

Multi detail VOs can't get FKs value automatically in JDev

Hi, I have one master table and four detail tables, all the master/detail cardinality are 1 to 1, and I build a big VO based those five EO, and selected "composition association" check box and "Cascade Update key Attributes" check box,

Adding new value fields to an existing and productive operating concern

Hi, I would like to have 5 new value fields active in 4 out of 6 operating concerns that I am working with. Is it correct that I could do this one of the following ways: 1. Use a value field that exists already in an operating concern and rename it?

Getting the Values from a Tiled View

Hi, I have a TiledView and I have checkbox in the tiled view. I am trying to get the values of the checked boxes. I have coded like this. Object[] links = getRSystemLinks().getCbSystemUrl().getValues(); if I see the links.length i get only one. In ht

Adding new value in Pick list and sorted logic on basis of new value.

Hi All, I have a requirement where I have to add a new value in seeded OAMessageBean and sort the page contents on basis of selected value. I see in about this page and found out that no VO is attached with this field. I assume that it attached somew

How to get the values in separate columns

Hello Everyone I am new to Bex, i have the sales data of 2008,2009,2010. now i have to display the sales order(key figure) for 2008,2009,2010 in separate columns for each customer(dimension) in a single report , can any one help me how to get this do

How to get multiple values from the list

I've a list of an item which I queried it from the database. I also created a button that will takes a selected items from the list when it was clicked. I used javabean to get the data from database. <%     // clicked on Select District Button Vector

Retirval problem for the old-new values from cdhdr,cdpos

hi all. i want to get the old and new values from cdhdr and cdpos table but not getting the output as the if condition of read statement" if i_cdhdr-objectid = itemp-kunnr." is not getting executed.what could be the mistake and how can i resolve

Get PricingConditions values from PricingConditionPanel class method?

Hi, The class PricingConditionPanel returns the arraylist of the pricing onditions on the item with method getPricingConditions(); through the interface PricingContainer. I am able to get the values in the arraylist returned by the class. It actually

REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY - updating the database with new values

Hi, I am using the function module 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY' to display records. I have managed to open a field for input/edit mode. Once this data has been changed , where will this data be? I have checked the internal table - no joy. I need to use t

How can I get the value of a custom property from a resource object?

I am trying to get the value(s) of a custom property, called "status" within a method. The method has an object of type IResource available to it. I have tried the following: PropertyName propName = new PropertyName("","status&quo

Add new values to the Domain J_1BINDUS3 CFOP category of the material

Hello Gurus I have a request from the business to include some new values in the domain J_1BINDUS3 CFOP category of the material. Since is a standard object seems to be a work Basis team, however before requesting this I would like to get some advice

How to get selected values (using checkBox) from DataGrid in flex.

i have a datagrid which is getting values from a XML file (getting this xml file from database using PHP and HTTP request in flex). i have created a checkbox in every row in data grid. and here is my requirement: i want to select tow or three check-b

JTable get Old Value in the Listener of change Value

Software JDK 1.5 Update 6 Requirements I have a JTable I want to show the sum total of certain Cell Value.So I have added a TableModelListener by which on updating the cell Value I change the total in the JTextField. The Problem is If I change the va